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  1. Also just out of interest. Once I start the course as I will be under 25 and a full time student, could I be considered dependent?
  2. Hey thanks for all the advice, the migration agent really has a lot to answer for as they were the ones that advised us not to put me on the original application as it would be difficult to prove that I'm dependent whilst in the UK. They failed to mention all of this. I'm going to see what they can do. If not just going to have to go with international fees and hope for a scholarship - or a lotto win!
  3. My parents and brother came over on 457 3 years ago and have had PR for a year but I stayed behind to finish University. I graduated July (2014) and have come over on a Working Holiday Visa. I want to do a Masters however it is $25000 a year for 2 years. However if I apply as a child dependent on my parents I could get domestic fees ($6000). The problem is the rules state that I could not apply until I have started the course in February but the Uni won't charge domestic fees until I have PR, and if I don't have PR by the end of March they will charge a whole year up front and would only be able to reduce the fees from the next semester. Has anybody been in a similar situation with any help or advice? Thanks in advance.
  4. ashbash

    Need Advice on Child Visa 101 Please.

    I know that your post was a while ago but I am in a similar position and wondered how your case worked out?