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  1. Hi, anybody out there from waterford, Ireland. Big hellos to you. From holland park, south Brisbane.
  2. Hello, could somebody advise me on what a new employer or myself can do/ have to do, in order for me ( a RN) to switch employer. My current situation is, I came on a 457 visa, with my partner and daughter as a skilled worker, but am not happy with current employer. Went for an interview this morning and the manager said she will talk with her HR and meanwhile for I to do some homework on how it works with the visa. I am in a position to pay for it myself, that's how strong I feel about my existing employer. if anyone can direct me, I would truly appreciate your knowledge. I am here with my existing employer 15 months. Thanking you....
  3. Thanks a mill for your comments, yes i never thought of unpaid leave, but when you are constantly reminded you are on a 457 visa,and last in the door, it wares you down. I wish it was only 40 hours, thats just on the floor, the workload is intense, so all nurses end up staying back and extra hour or two to complete, daily. Then there is elearning on line you have to do ( as they get on your back and threaten they will dock your pay). And finally my one day of a week, which happens to be a week day and all training mandatory/educational is on and i have to attend, as they say. Believe me, they are getting every inch out of you. I am hoping to apply for PR, 189, 190?? myself and get myself out of this situation. You are spot on that i do feel stress from the job, everything hangs on it, our future, but would love to sit down for 4-5 days consecitively and take in my children, my life here. I have never phoned in paying a sickis, not my style, too honest. One question, is there a difference in applying for PR or 189/190?? what is best long term?? and do it matter that i am here in Australia on a 457???
  4. gweneire

    Could someone explain how i go about starting PR ??

    Thank you for your knowledge, which is the best way to apply, on line or paper route?? I THINk i have left an expression of interest on line that was 3 months ago, but no word. Hard to tell if they received it. Can i try again?? Gwen
  5. Hello, Here in australia since mid November 2012 on a 457 visa and worked every week 50 hours plus til this day. I need to be with my children as i can see they are suffering as i work mornings (i am a nurse) evenings and night shifts. My Husband just got a job with the same firm, he is on my visa. I am last in so all annual leave is not available til the end of the year. HOW can i get alittle respit bite off ( week or two) and be with my children. Could i get a Doctor note, what can he say?? Need a doctor note, after 2 days sick from my work. Would give anything to sit down and take Australia in and be with my children......
  6. It is coming upto my 1 year here in Fabulos Australia, and my sponsership company, who brought me out here ( i am a Nurse) on a 457 visa, said i can apply for PR after one year. Could anybody out there give me some advice how to start this process, i would really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for your time......