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  1. I'm in QLD and looking for work ASAP (farm/fruit/anything!). Have a car and can travel. Checked most jobsites and gumtree, to no avail. Rang quite a few working hostels and they all seem to be booked up. I would welcome any help or advice. likewise, if you are in a similar situation, and fancy joining me, get in touch. ​cheers, Lewis.
  2. I'll check that one out, cheers. Mechanic by trade but fancy a change! Have a bit of casual bar experience, gonna get my RSA sorted.
  3. Hi I'm 25, over on a WHV. currently staying with family in QLD, but plan on going brisbane in the next couple of weeks. was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the best hostels, and how easy/quickly ill be able to pick up work, baring in mind I currently don't have a car, but am willing to do almost anything (legal) for work! Any advice for a newbie traveller welcome, thanks Lewis