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  1. This may be a silly question but seeing as I have never bought or invested in property before (But I plan too and I am currently saving towards it and want to do it right) just wondered in the current real estate climate if basically it is better to put a larger deposit down initially on a property to get a lower interest rate? or actually hold some money back to contribute towards the re-payments towards the mortgage? As an Example - with 100k savings, is it better to lump all that down on the actual initial deposit towards a place? or best to hold some of it back, pay just the required % deposit which is usually 20%, and just chip away at the Mortgage with the rest + future savings? (just to clarify, I am speaking under the assumption of a 50/50 investment with a partner to which the expectation would be to pay half the 20% deposit required (which as an example would be a $47,500 - $50,000 out of the 100k for a $475,000 - $500,000 property which is the range i'd be looking within in Melbourne) Again, sorry if this sounds a silly question but am I correct in thinking larger deposit is always the best way to go? Thanks for any responses or advice in advance!
  2. Hi all, First of all apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum (suggestions accepted if it should go somewhere else) but to cut a long story short, when I lived in Thailand previously I managed to have a reliable streaming site which streamed some UK channels like, Sky News & Sky Sports News for example in HD. I have paid for a full sky subscription in the UK which my parents currently use back home, but SKY will not allow you to access this remotely overseas myself. Before the suggestion comes in, I have tried a VPN with the sky Go app but the streaming seems to be unreliable and drops out/cuts off constantly and the quality is definitely not HD. So my question is for those of you who might have had experience in this and miss UK TV like myself is, is there any streaming sites out there that are reliable? even if they are subscription based pay for access ones? Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks so much for each bit advice. Just to clear something up though I do have the standard Medicare cover and this is sufficient for a 457 Visa or at least that is what I was told during my application. My problem is that this doesn't cover things in excess but I am now getting the feeling that even if I upgrade my Healthcare it still wouldn't make much difference taking into consideration the things I require.
  4. Hey guys, Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National currently on a 4 Year 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One is possibly an operation I will eventually need on my nose, due to being unable to breath thorough it thanks to a deformed septum which requires surgery, the other is a serious stomach issue that I need a colonoscopy for to find out exactly what is wrong. I am so desperate to get these fixed as they are both currently making my life a living hell. I have the standard Reciprocal Medicare Card which says "Visitor" which I am assuming only helps me a little with Doctors fee's etc so my question is two parts. Firstly if I pay top dollar and get individual private Insurance, how much difference cost-wise would this help when I go to attempt to rectify the problems explained above? (I mean who private health care actually cover for say the colonoscopy or help with the cost of the op for my nose) and secondly, If so which Private Health Care fund comes highly recommended in your opinion? (ie, Upgrade Medicare, Bupa, Etc) Can anyone give some sound advice on what I should do? Cheers in advance, for any advice given! Ruddy
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    Good recommended Doctor in the City /Pyrmont Area of Sydney

    Thanks for the answers and opinions Much appreciated..
  6. Hey Guys, I'm a Pom currently on a 457 visa but I have some medical issues I have been carrying for a while that I need having a look at. Can anyone recommend a 'Good' GP in the Sydney City area (I.e one that will actually listen to your problems instead of just turning you through the door?) Also one that bulk bills so I can at least get some usage out of my Medicare Card? Thanks, Ruddy
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    Medical costs for someone on a 457 Visa?

    Iman...great thanks
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    Medical costs for someone on a 457 Visa?

    Love Shoes, May I ask who you have your insurance with and how much does it cost? Also I'm wondering if I am going to the 'Correct' Doctors...or wether I have been quoted some stupid price from a private docs... Im really not sure how this works...but im pretty sure it shouldnt be costing me $760 just to take some blood tests! ...They even looked at my Medicare card and called the lab who quoted the price!
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    Medical Insurance on a WHV

    All the Medicare Visitor card gets you is discount off consultations.
  10. Hey guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I will keep it short and sweet Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National on a 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One particular issue is ongoing with my stomach Infection and so I went to the Docs as I have been carrying this with me for over a year now.. They sent me for Blood, Urine and Stool tests and thank god I asked the price before I went ahead and did them! $760 Just for the tests! My question is, is this a normal price for someone who is supposedly a temporary resident?...and if so, What options do I have with regards to getting Health Insurance that will cover this?...Is there no reciprocal agreement? (Other than The 'Visitor' Medicare card I have that seems useless apart for discounts on consultations!) Can anyone give any advice and what I should do? Cheers!