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  1. Sabay

    Shipping boxes

    Hi we only had 32 boxes on our return, we used our own boxes and packed it ourselves too. We SHARED a container. try Trans international. Michael was amazing.
  2. Sabay

    Shipping AUS to UK – any advice?

    Hi we returned late last year. I did a lot of research. these were my findings. Many shipping companies wanted to get their workforce to pack the box and they would only use NEW ones. We had many of our own original boxes form movie in the first instance so were happy to reuse if we could. I used Trans international. We decided NOT to take any furniture home, we sold EVERTHING on FB pages and in the end had 32 boxes coming to 5 cubic meters. Cost us $1500 and because i was able to pack myself, NOTHING was broken when it arrived in the UK and all boxes were FULL!(when we arrived in OZ we were amazed how much free space were in some of the boxes packed by the UK shipping company. When we arrived back in the UK the UK side were amazing with detail and communication. I would, with out fail recommend trans international.
  3. thanks for your experience- what size container did you use?
  4. Hi We are shipping out our car and contents soon we have quotes from Anglo pacific UTS/ Persons Bollinger UK Crown Relocation. Pls share your experiences. thanks
  5. Hello People I have been reading PIO for several years now and soon the reality of big move will arrive as last week we were assigned a case office. Just wondering what the wait time is and how other September lodged 190 visa people are getting on. We submitted our visa on 6th September. Front loaded the Police checks and medicals end of September Case officer assigned last Wednesday 16th October. Team 2. Lolene CATHRO when did you lodge in September and what stage are you at? Sarahxx