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    In Bit of a pickle! need help

    Brought a house of the plan in 2006-7 for investment purpose, whilst still living in the UK, then sold that to the same developer to invest in a property in a nicer area, whilst still in the UK. Came to Aus in 2010, and start chasing the developer for the property, now in 2013 , i just found that he is in receivership and thinking at the time when i signed the contract there would be no issue. I have a signed copy (both parties) of the Contract of sale, stating the money paid. Now with the Receivers on board, does this contract still stand? Will i loose all my money and property! I have assigned a conveyancor, to deal with the property and they are absolutely shocked as to way things were done... Paid for the property in full before completion. What are my chances, now that the receivers are on board, am i making a mountain of a molehill, or is this worser than i think! Any help is appreciated Thanks