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    Vetassess outcome successful!!! OMG

    Congrats! Hopefully the rest of the process will be all good too! Just one question, does that mean that from the day you applied for an assessment, it took you guys 2 weeks to get your results back?
  2. PoMoSo

    SOL/assessment - Law

    Hi all, Always had good advice from everyone on this forum, so I got another question... This is actually for my brother. He got UK law degree, no work experience within the field, and no LPC. Would he need to convert his UK degree to an Oz one plus get an LPC in Oz to get a positive assessment or would it be enough with what he has? We have checked the assessing authorities of all states, and theres really no info about this. Should also mention that he has a master in IT law from Sweden. Cheers, PoMoSo
  3. PoMoSo

    Points for overseas work experience

    It depends on the requirements of the authority assessing your qualifications. Some will require you to have gained your work experience after your studies, while others dont. I think Vetassess is cool with pre-studies experience, and I cant recall ACS mentioning anything about it (altho I could be wrong). You need to check which authority assesses your occupation and either check their website or contact them.
  4. PoMoSo

    Abusing tourists, again.

    I feel i too should leave a comment on this thread only coz its seems multiculturalism and racism are such a heated discussion on it. Ive been a foreigner for 28 years of my 30 year old life. Ive lived in Sweden for the most time, but a bit in Oz, a few years in the UK, a little in France and some in the country of my birth (altho i did realize even there that I was a foreigner after having returned after nearly 25 years). Nway, all I wanne say is, we are all racists, if you say you're not, then youre only saying so coz most likely you are from a part of the world where your government is currently "fighting" racism, and its wrong to be a racist. But while this is taking place, your government is most likely fighting a war somewhere or blaming the certain nationalities in your country to advance certain agendas, so youre not a racists, but disliking some of them is totally alright! What Im trying to say is, you usually dont have any opinions of your own, trends are what shape our opinions however much we'd like to believe that we r free. For anyone believing that multicultural societies do exists, do a bit of reading about multiculturalism, see what it really means. As far as my experience tells me, the UK is the only country where different cultures and ethnicities manage to get along with each other to some extent, but theres still tons of hatred against the one not looking like you. And for the one siding with the aggressor, how bout my nation start a war with your country, sanction it, install puppet regimes, steal all your nations wealth, create such a condition that you have to flee your own country, and eventually move to mine, then when here, ill bully you, your mother, your father, your siblings. At school, I, as a teacher, pretend to give a crap about ethics but treat you differently coz you dont look like me, your school mates treat you differently coz their parents and all the cartoons and other kid programs they watch teach them weird stuff about others who are different, and this goes on till your old, and people come in buses or other places and blast insanities at you, and your are left with 2 options, either take it, and let anger and hatred build inside of you, while you feel embarrassed infront of your wife, your gf, your children or others, or reply to the low class mofo who probably only will start a fist fight with you and youll accept it coz your so pissed at all the racism you have to deal with everyday, and then, as a consequent of the so lovely multicultural society you live in, the police comes to the scene and assumes that you started the whole thing just coz your a foreigner and of course, noone except for your friends who were there will tell the police they r getting the wrong guy. So bottom line is, there is no real multicultural society, a majority of people are racists ( and again, being a foreigner for 28 years I have plenty of experience, ppl, especially those who keep claiming they have love for all, always manage to, in a very friendly and polite way, differentiate between them and us)... and Im not trying to be rude or disrespectful to anyone, just saying, get your feets on the ground!
  5. PoMoSo

    Finding Sponsorship when on a working holiday visa

    The minimum experience or qualifications needed can be found on the website of the authority that assesses the occupation you have in mind. I dont know which body this would be but you can find your occupations relevant authority on the CSOL list. Also, i dont know your past or what exactly you did while working. But if you dont have any uni degree, then you usually need several years of fulltime work experience. And this experience needs to be at a required level. From the DIAC website; If you are an approved standard business sponsor, the occupation you are nominating must be eligible for the subclass 457 visa program. The list of eligible occupations is available on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List. This list includes a number (an ANZSCO Code) and an Occupation Title. A description of the qualifications and experience required for each of the eligible occupations is on the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 1220.0 - ANZSCO - Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, First Edition, Revision 1. This opens a search page to help you find an occupation. It will help you identify the tasks your nominee would be expected to perform in the position you are nominating them for qualifications and amount of work experience they would be required to have. For example a Chef (ANZSCO code 351311) will have either a relevant associate degree, advanced diploma, or diploma (or equivalent) or at least three years relevant experience. Tasks may include planning menus, preparing and cooking food and possible selection and training of staff. Sponsors who want to employ subclass 457 visa holders in an occupation which is not on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List must do so under a labour agreement.
  6. PoMoSo


    Why not try the 190 or 189 visa?
  7. PoMoSo

    Pre-assessment of skills?

    Hi all! Just wondering whether or not it is possible to assess your skills for an occupation before actually sending it to the relevant authority (the ACS in this case)? And I know the relevant authority has the finally say, but I have the option of tailoring my second year in my master degree. So clearly, I want to choose the courses necessary for the occupation I have in mind. Ive read in the forum that for some, immi agents did a pre-assessment of their skills, are such assessment correct? And if so, how much do they normally charge for such a service? Also, are immi agents the only option I have for a pre-assessment? Many thanks, PoMoSo
  8. PoMoSo

    student visa after tourist visa

    If you both are less than 31 years old, you could apply for the WHV. PoMoSo
  9. So youre saying I should add it? The crime (although it wsnt even me, but try telling that to the racist judge and police officers) was armed robbery, no beating or anything, but personal belongings of the victim were all stolen. But it was 13 years ago, My recent personality, have done an MPhil should speak for itself that Im not a troublemaker right?
  10. But if it has been removed from the official records, then theres no way of DIAC finding out anyway..right? I mean, noone in Sweden is entitled to dig into a past more than ten years ago.
  11. Alright Im glad this topic came up. And I did check the website ww.nationalcrimecheck.com.au/police-checks-individuals/resources/spent_convictions_information ... but english is my third language, plus Im abit tipsy, + been at uni half day and work the other half, so Id appreciate it if anyone could clarify it for me. If a person was convicted of a crime 13 years ago. He did a minor time, plus paid his fines, would he need to declare this?
  12. PoMoSo

    Just decided we want to make the move...NOW WHAT?!

    Hi Melissa! My family and I decided some 4 months ago that we want to try to emigrate to Oz. And although our situation totally differs from yours, here's my advice, a migration agent could be handy, but doesnt necessarily. What I would suggest you do is, check the immi website, read about all the different visa's, learn the Skillselect system, and use this forum, theres tons of good info here. Use the forums search function to find the info you need. If you'be thought about it, then someone here has most probably written about it. Then, if you still think you need an agent, and you have the money for it, then go for it. Also, I dont mean to give opinions about anyones personal life, just explaining my familys situation. Originally from the Middle East, my parents decided to move to Europe 27 years ago. Why? To give their children a better life. In Europe, since day 1, both my brother and I (plus my parents) have been unhappy. My father always tells me, dont make huge decision having your (future) children in mind, you wont know how they will be or feel. The only way to make sure your children are happy, is if you are happy. But apart from that, I do understand you, I long till I touchdown it Oz. PoMoSo
  13. PoMoSo

    Adding extras for skills assessment!

    Cheers, this was exactly what Ive been looking for! And no I dont have any work experience. So of what Ive understood is, you are only exempted from having work experience IF you are a recent graduate?
  14. PoMoSo

    Student Visa Vs 190 bridging Visa

    Im not sure about applying for another visa whilst already being on another. But, bridging visa's have different conditions as Ive understood it. And this depends on how your application is being assessed. If you already are in Id suggest you'd get some professional advice from either an immi agent or you might even be able to talk to the immi office to get some general info on bridging visa's. Alliteratively, if you are still not 31, you could apply for a Working holiday visa.