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  1. Are you or you know someone moving back to OZ and have a child or children age 5 or 6 years old. (2014-2015) I am producing a documentary and am looking for Australians returning to OZ within the next 6/12 months. One parent must have been born in Australia to apply. The children must not have been born in Australia. This is a film through the eyes of children and they would be the focus of the film. For more information please email Lorettalikes@gmail.com
  2. Hi Sarah & Catherine I'm not a pom, but have just moved back from Surrey (almost 10 years). I'm in Roseville if you need another one for 'chick night' I'm so up for it.. missing my pommy freinds and my games night girls.
  3. Loretta Farrell

    Family members warning us not to go back to the UK

    We left the UK 5 months ago, we are Ozies returning home. As much as we loved the UK no one can really put a price value on family and 'just knowing how things work'. The grass is always greener on the old side and most people want what you have tried. But while some people do change lives either ozies in the UK or Brits in OZ as we get older you need to FIT. A happy mum and dad make happy kids, and it really does not matter what country you are in. Good luck with the move and don't make plans until you have been back a few months/ We did everything before arriving and have just moved house & location costing us a small bomb.
  4. Want to spend the summer in Australia and walk straight into a job? You will need to get your own way to Sydney and must have a visa to work. START OCT 1st (or before 5th) Au pair wanted in a loving family in the outskirts of Sydney in the lower Blue Mountains. We are 2 Australians who have just moved to near Sydney from Surrey. We require a live in au pair for our 2 children – a 6 year old girl and a soon 4 year old boy. We are looking for a pleasant and pro-active lady (ideally aged between 23-29) who loves children to work with us. We live in a pretty village in the lower Blue Mountains which is 1 hour to Sydney CBD and 55 minutes to Katoomba. Dates 1 October 2013 to 21 March 2014 2 weeks off over Christmas & New Year (unpaid) Our house is a 5minute walk to the train station and 1 minute to shops, doctor and cafes. We are surrounded by national parks with lots of bush walking trails and Jelly Bean Pool. Duties and Responsibilities We require someone who will have sole care of and to look after the children 5 days a week (when the parents are working). You will have days off during the week when mother is home (due to rosters). This means you only work 3 full days some weeks. You will have time to yourself when both children are at school. You will be required to be conduct holiday activities when the children are on school holidays. You will also be required to babysit some nights. There is a possibility of more time off but you will need to be very flexible. Your duties include: • school/ pre school drop-offs / pick-ups • accompanying the children to extra-curricular classes e.g. swimming, clubs, play dates • help them with homework/ educational play • prepare their meals and cleaning • ensure you know what is happening at their school/pre school • Ensuring that they’re bathed and into bed at appropriate times. You must also be willing to do light duties like food shopping, laundry, ironing, changing bed linen, maintaining the general tidiness of the house and car. You should also have: • a valid and clean driving licence • good references, with phone numbers • Non smoker • Able to swim and look after children while swimming Remuneration and Perks • Pay $250 per week (whether or not working the entire 5 days due to rosters). • Free large light filled room (value about $220 per week). • Food included (other than what indulgences for yourself). • Use of phone and WiFi included. • 2 days off per week (Sat & Sun) – may be required for some Saturday night babysitting. Bonus We wish to reward our au-pair for loyalty. On finishing the assignment, we will reward you with a cash bonus. There will be ample time to explore the area as long as the household chores are done. Any extra time when the children are in school is yours to do as you please. You may also be able to join the family on mini holidays around the area over the weekends
  5. Whoops did not read which way your where moving
  6. Just moved to Glenbrook from Surrey UK and after 1 week LOVE IT. We are on a 2 year plane as both will work in City. As its the lower end of the Mt the travel to CBD is fine for us as its the same distance we did to London. Very friend and helpful people and kids start school and pre-school Term 3. It is a bit far from the Beach but that is find as we love the rock pools and can go to the beach in the holidays. Much more friendly then the North Shore where I grew up
  7. Loretta Farrell

    Blue Mountains/Leonay commuting to the city

    Thats Northernbeaches mum, Bit gutted about the Glenbrook school but will look into it. What is the commute to the city for your hubby now? I grew up in Frenches Forest.
  8. Does anyone commute to Sydney CBD - city on a daily base? Both hubby and I will most likely work in the city and we are all set for Leonay. Our girl has a place in the school and love the area, but there is currently nothing to rent. I arrive in 2 weeks but we don't really need a place until early July. I have started looking at Lapstone and Glenbrook as you can walk to the train and my son is down for nursery there. But it is just that bit to far to travel? Currently travel from Surrey to London and takes 1.10- 1.30 (depending on where I am working). It can take 2 hours in on the other side of London and I hate it. And what are the schools like?
  9. Loretta Farrell

    Autumn in Sydney. still waiting for even a hint of winter!

    The weather sounds great. Today the radio said it will be a wet summer in the UK. 17 days and counting.
  10. Loretta Farrell

    Parents of children emigrating

    10 years ago myself and hubby move to the UK from OZ in 2 weeks we are returning. What changed, nana came to visit for the 1st time (kids are 6 n 3). We are going back to give them relationships with the grandparents. But it would not surprise me once they are at uni or working my husband and I return to the UK. nothing is forever so lets make the most out of each day and technology.
  11. Loretta Farrell

    Scary and exciting....

    Reading all the above makes me smile... I'm normal. I was born in OZ and returning with kids after almost 10 years. And have the same feelings despite going to family. Nothing is forever and you can change direction anytime. Go for your dreams Look out the window if you have had a bad day you can always go for a walk outside. And for the first few years in just t-shirt. Bring in on. The land of sunburn and very expensive electricity.
  12. Loretta Farrell

    Childhood immunization

    Thank you all for the info. I am counting down the days now to arrive.
  13. Loretta Farrell

    Cost of living in Penrith/Blue Mountains

    Kirsty Where you coming from? I fly out with 6 n 3 yr old May 29th, hubby coming later. NSW School starts back term 3 July 15th if your 5 year is already in school. If you want to exchange notes please do email me. And lets all hook up for a BBQ (winter one). L
  14. Loretta Farrell

    Cost of living in Penrith/Blue Mountains

    Joanne We have just found out my girl has a place in the first grade at Leonay and will start in term 3. Very happy. Now just got to get my 3 year old a pre-school place and a house. Any advice and tips on pre-school and nursery would be amazing. I have booked into see Lapstone preschool but there are no spaces in July and a wait list for January. I might also have a job so will need childcare or a live in nanny, as well as preschool. Its becoming very real now. Loretta
  15. Loretta Farrell

    Cost of living in Penrith/Blue Mountains

    Hi Joanne Thanks for reply I'm am from Sydney however after 10 years in the UK and bringing the kids it's all a bit scary. I'm from North shore and really don't know the area at all, would love to meet up when we arrive in June.