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    820 to 801

    Hey all, Hope everyone is well and having a good start to 2015! In a couple of months I should be getting approached to start finalizing and sending back evidence to move from the 820 temp to 801 PR and have a couple of questions as below if anyone can help? 1) Can anyone confirm what documents you are asked for/send in for this part? I've heard its generally not as much as your initial application for 820, but I can’t really find a straight list anywhere. Has anyone done this recently? 2) As it was an application onshore, for the 820 part I had to remain in the country whilst processing and until it was granted – is that the same when the 801 stage is going through? Or would I be able to leave the country as I have 820? Thanks everyone, any help much appreciated!
  2. Hey All, Wondering if anyone can help/shed any light here! Background: English guy applying for Defacto 820 with Aussie partner. Applied last June, and just got the awesome message that we have a case officer who is reviewing all the docs (very happy!). They've asked for one final doc. Criminal check from Canada (I've lived there for just under a year, then went back on a holiday a couple of years later and therefore have stayed there longer than 12 months cumulatively) Any how trouble is this: RCMP (royal Canadian Mounted Police ) clearance can take up to 4months due to the way it has to be scanned in and checked out there. I'm going to use a third party affiliate in Canada, that can get the process down to a few weeks max (web here for those interested http://www.fingerscan.ca/ - check out the clients living abroad part) Now, going into local police stations is proving to be a pain in the #$% as they're saying they can only send my prints DIRECT to RCMP, not third party? Or even give me a copy of MY fingerprints to send myself! To be honest, no one there seems to give a straight answer - I went in 2 days ago, they were adamant you can't get Ink prints any more, all digitally scanned. Today I go back, and they say ok we can give Ink prints, but only send to RCMP. Getting very frustrated now.....! So has anyone here had any luck getting fingerprints done at any Sydney Police stations at all? And where if so/ how was your process? Any advice? Thanks All.
  3. englishlad

    Defacto Application/ Quitting 457

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone may have some clarity/ personal experience with bridging visas from a 457?! Basically I'm English on a sponsored 457 - about to lodge an application for 820 defacto visa with my Australian partner. Now once thats lodged I understand we get a Bridiging Visa A for when the 457 expires or "ceases" ( though my 457 doesn't expire til October 2015). However, what's the deal if I then quit my job, and therefore my 457 (its unbearable at current employers!!)? From reading other posts, If I quit the 457, I basically lose the Bridging A visa because its connected directly to the 457? If this were the case would I be able to get Bridging Visa C - ie no work rights but allowed to stay whilst 820 application is processing? or would I have to go and apply in person for bridging Visa E? and all within the 28 days of being unemployed? Thanks for any advice - I know bridging visas are a tricky matter... Best
  4. Hi All, First time poster just trying to get the clearest facts I can, as its not proving too easy! I'm currently in Sydney on a 457 visa, and come start of July, will have completed 2 years at my employers, and they have said they will sponsor me to get my Permanent residency (very happy). Now am understanding that theres a rough 6 months processing time, all being well, so would hopefully get the pr Granted around Dec/Jan time - my conundrum is this - I'm actually looking to go back to the uk for 3-4 weeks over christmas to visit and spend time with my family - Is this possible, or would I have to remain in the country whilst the PR is processing?! OR would I be able to travel by applying for some interim/ bridging visa ,saying I'm leaving the country and coming back on a certain date? Been seeing lots of contradictory info so if anybody knows anything for sure, please let me know! Thanks all!