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  1. terriokane

    Brisbane or Melbourne?

    Hey, thanks for all your comments, we have decided to definitely go to Melbourne in October. Can anyone advise what part of Melbourne to stay in? Also what's public transport like? Thanks
  2. terriokane

    Brisbane or Melbourne?

    Thanks for your replies, Loving the sound of Melbourne but scared cause its another new place but all part of travelling. Just wondering what the weather is like in Melbourne around october onwards? In Qld it's the wet session come December time, does Melbourne get that? Thanks Terri:)
  3. terriokane

    Brisbane or Melbourne?

    Hey, Myself and my boyfriend are currently on a farm in Queensland to get our second year visa. We finish in October and are unsure whether to go to Brisbane or Melbourne. I know it's a while away but I like to plan and know whats happening and time goes fast. We arrived in Brisbane and stayed there a few weeks before travelling the east coast. We did try to find jobs in Brisbane but found it difficult but that was May time. We did love Brisbane even though there isn't much to do there but we have never been to Melbourne and have heard good things about it. We plan on settling somewhere now for 6months or so. Can anyone advise which is better with regards to things to do, work, rentals etc. We also considered Perth but don't want to travel west yet as I want to go to Sydney for New Years. Thanks in advance Terri
  4. terriokane

    Is it worth it?

    Hey, Myself(Terri-25) and my boyfriend(Conan-27) are from Ireland and have been in Australia two months now on a working holiday visa. We started in Brisbane, hired a campervan and travelled up the east coast and are now in Cairns. We've been here three weeks and are still looking for work! We have applied to hotels, cafes, cleaners..all the usual backpacker jobs cause we know thats all we will get but most employers are now responding with "Not accepting working holiday visa, must be cairns local due to the economic downturn". Australia is so expensive and the recession is hitting here now too! We have enough funds to last us another while but would prefer the security of an income. When I first arrived here I was so homesick and now don't want to leave! I love it here but i'm scared with the not finding a job and don't know whether to do regional work to get our second year..is it worth it. We have 10 months left on our visa (cant believe how fast time is going) and although we still have loads of time we are keeping an eye for regional work but most want volunteers to work and we want paid work cause it is for three months after all. My head is fried with over thinking everything, although I don't regret coming to Australia, maybe we should have came here for a holiday and went to Canada? I'm panicking about not finding work yet, and paying for rent, food etc. Everyone seems to be doing trips etc and don't want to spend the money on that (not until we find work). I'm the kind of person that over thinks everything were as my boyfriend just takes it as it comes (wish I was like him). I don't know whether we should go home- I don't want to cause my friends think I won't last here due to being a home bird (which I'm not) but with a recession here and a recession at home-at least at home we would have a bit more security but I don't want to go home. My boyfriend doesn't mind if we go home but I don't want to live with my parents again and will have to if we go back cause we won't be able to afford our own place. I've heard too that Australia is tighting up on sponsorship-which we would never get cause we aren't lucky! Just don't know anymore if Australia is worth it! Please help or provide some encouragement (I NEED it at this stage of the game) Thanks Terri
  5. terriokane

    STA Travel SIM cards

    Hey, I only arrived in Oz a month ago and was in the exact same situation as you, i decided to wait and get a sim in oz and glad i did. Make sure your phone is unlocked before you come out and but either Telstra or Optus (ran off virgin) when you get here. You can buy them in most shops. They call topping up over here a recharge. Its no hassle getting a sim here and a lot better and cheaper than getting an sta one. I'm with optus and have great coverage with them. I know a few with Vodafone and they said how bad they are. With optus i get 250 free UK minutes so i can call home for FREE and always have minutes left. Unlike the UK your money doesnt run over to the next month so when you recharge with say $30 and have money left over by your next recharge date you lose it so i just waste it on internet, calls etc. With regards to iphone, mine from the UK worked ok as a had it unlocked so the other way around should be grand. When you coming to OZ? What part you coming too? Have you set up your bank account yet? I was able to set up mine with NAB (bank) online before i left which meant they had my cards already waiting when i got here. I was so home sick the first week i got here and now don't want to go home! Enjoy, any other questions just ask or private mail me. Terri
  6. Hi all, We only arrived in cairns a few days ago and things here are much like home (Ireland)...tough! Employment here isn't looking good but hopefully something will come up. We are both graduates, I'm in Business and my boyfriend is in Marine Science however as we are on working holiday visas we know it will be hard to get work in these areas. We are currently trying to find regional work, although we have only been here one month (time has flew) we want to get our regional work done early (especially when this is an oz winter-summer will be terrible for us irish lol). Also we are finding it hard to get a houseshare as apparently cairns is very demanding for house and they go quick. We have tried gumtree, real estate, domain etc but because we are looking for our regional work we don't want to commit to a long term lease and most short term's are for a month at the minimum. Hostels are also expensive for a couple even in a dorm therefore a houseshare would be more suited. Has anyone any advice on jobs, regional work, houseshares or just general info for us. Would also be great to meet some new people if anyone is in cairns CBD region. Thanks in advance Terri and Conan
  7. terriokane

    Just arrived in Brisbane

    Hey again, feeling a lot better today, I think it was more the sick feeling I had from flying and just such a daunting experience that was making me over think everything and just want to go back to my comfort zone. Yes if I was on a three week holiday I wouldn't think much about home but I think it's more the fact of I was thinking of it as long term but it is only a flight or two away. Yes I have been away from home before, staying at university but was still in the same country. A lot of people are close to there family and leave home there is nothing in Ireland now for graduates and at this age I need to travel the world. I have had a couple of FaceTime calls with my family and feeling a lot better for it. Feeling a bit more settled now as we have got SIM cards, bank, tax file number applied for and looking at room shares and jobs at the mo. I'm the sort of person that over thinks everything and need to relax and enjoy this once and a life time experience-a good nights sleep has made me realise that lol. Thanks for all your positive comments and I love how Poms in oz can help so many people like me. Thanks, will update you all on my progress
  8. terriokane

    Just arrived in Brisbane

    Hey, myself and my boyfriend just arrived in Brisbane on Sunday, beautiful city and weather but I'm missing home. I know that's crazy cause Northern Ireland has nothing to offer for young graduates and we are best to conquer the world at 24 and 26 years of age but I miss my family more than I thought I would. I know Skype, Facebook etc is a wonderful thing but its still hard seeing them on it and the time difference is hard too-I skyped my sister at 4am Brisbane time this morning just to see how she was! My sis is 18 and me and her are very close so missing her lots. It's scary though with the thought of having to find a job and a house to share with strangers too. We don't really know anyone here. We are staying in Yha hostel and everyone seems nice but keeps to themselves. Staff are very nice and helpful tho. We move out next Sunday to our room share which we need to find first and I'm so scared too. Would really appreciate some word of wisdom and help with regards to work and room share. I'm not sure either whether to do regional work as at the minute I wouldn't want to stay a second year but I might grow to love it down the line. if anyone is in a similar situation or even just a friendly face to help settle us in would be great. We must be the two whites people in Brisbane - so jealous of everyone's tan but we are Irish and will never tan please help thanks
  9. terriokane

    Moving to Brisbane in April, help and advice welcome

    Hey, just seeing the last four replies now. Can't believe how many commented. Thank you all for your advice, Conan and I really appreciate it-all so helpful. We leave next friday..can't believe how fast its going in and still haven't packed yet We have all the main things sorted out just the wee things now. Thanks everyone for your help Take care Terri and Conan
  10. terriokane

    Which Suitcase is best?

    Thanks so much for your help. Will research the brands online and take it for there-liking the sound of the sub zero g. Didn't think I would get as much feedback as this.. Love this site, everyone is do helpful
  11. terriokane

    Which Suitcase is best?

    Hey, Bit of a silly dilemma, but can anyone recommend a good suitcase brand/place to buy a suitcase? We have a 30kg allowance and I want one thats strong and will last but not too pricey. Thanks in advance Terri
  12. Hey, Just wondering about moving money from UK bank to Australian Bank which company is best to use? How soon in advance should I move my money? If I don't move all my money can I transfer it from UK Bank to Australian Bank when in Australia? Thanks Terri
  13. terriokane

    Bank balance print for Australia Government on landing?

    Hey Pfirsch, i saw this on Australia government website and spoke with Australia government at an expo in Dublin and said that they don't actually check but was worried cause i heard some people saying they do. Maybe it just depends on the mood of immigration that day but worried about what we should do- should we do a printout before we move funds to australia bank account just incase. We have just booked a one way ticket to Oz as WHV allows us to do this but worried we could be pulled in for this?
  14. terriokane

    Bank balance print for Australia Government on landing?

    Thats brilliant, thanks for your help
  15. terriokane

    Moving to Brisbane in April, help and advice welcome

    Thanks for your replies, much appreciated as getting a little nervous but still excited now. Xenon4017-Havent really thought about where to get our first room share as we just booked Brisbane and YHA to stay for two weeks but hoping to go to a room share as it will be cheaper. Have you any suggestions on were to settle first? Would inland or further up the coast be better-work wise, shops etc? Does anyone think we should apply for jobs before we go? I have been keeping an eye on gumtree and other sites for jobs but we don't know the size or where anything is in Brisbane so don't know whether to apply now or as soon as we get there.