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    Fremantle rental

    Hi all I will be moving to Perth in September 2014 with my OH and we are looking to rent in the Fremantle area when we arrive. We are open to the idea of renting a room in a house or renting our own space (furnished is preferred). I know its a few months off but if anyone lives in or around Fremantle and has a place to rent, or knows of anyone who does can you get in touch. Thanks
  2. RandC

    Short term rentals

    Hi everyone My girlfriend and I arrive in WA on 14th September and start work with WAPOL on 6th October, spending 13 weeks at their training academy in Joondalup. Is anyone currently looking to rent out a room in their apartment/house close to this area or know of anyone who is? Any contacts would be much appreciated. Thanks RandC
  3. RandC

    Bank Accounts and Savings

    Cheers for the advice both
  4. We will be emigrating to Perth in September and would like some advice around bank accounts. Do ATM's charge if you use one that is not affiliated to your bank? If this is true, which bank has the best "coverage" across metro Perth? Is there a cash Isa equivalent in WA or some alternative popular savings scheme? Any advice you can offer will be gratefully received. Thanks RandC
  5. RandC

    Wapol 2013

    Hey everyone I have recently submitted my application for the WAPOL. I was wondering if anyone else is currently going through the process or has recently been through it and could give me some inside information? Take it easy R
  6. I have submitted my application for WAPOL today so C and I are keeping our fingers crossed for a successful stage 1 of the application
  7. Thanks for the reassuring replies both. I'll be posting my application for WAPOL this week and keeping my fingers crossed. Although there is no space on the application to list C's details. I assume that if i pass the selection process I will then be required to provided WAPOL/DICA with her personal details for the purposes of the visa application...
  8. Good afternoon all C and I are both serving UK police officers. I have 5 years service and C has 9. Having reviewed the WAPOL international recruitment criteria it appears as though C has too much service to make her eligible to apply this time around. If I were to apply and be successful, would WAPOL permit her to migrate to Australia with me as my partner? What are our best chances of securing a visa for C given that her only career since university has been in the police. She is a qualified detective, sergeant and completed fraud and surveilance courses. C has a 1st degree from Cambridge in Natural Sciences so perhaps this could lead to alternative employment? Alternatively C has a keen interest in equestriansim and would consider a career in this field. We are really committed to settling down in WA and would appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks R and C