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  1. Hi guys thanks for the replays and sorry I missed then all damn! I'm still in capalaba until the 29th move so if anyone interested in doing anything let me know and I'll promise tk check regularly as I'm not getting updates
  2. I'm 31 and just moved to capalaba from uk. I live with my friend but I'd like to find people who are also looking to get out and about and socialise and go on trips to see the sights not taking the usual whv experience im finding it hard to meet people who are looking to go out on trips if anyone is out there finding themselves in a similar situation please contact me
  3. Hi similar situation but little further north in capalaba
  4. Hi I arrive in brissy few days ago and the same looking for people to go on trips with and general meet new friends. I'm currently living in capalaba on south side of Brisbane. Pm me we can chat further and see if interests are similar
  5. Please excuse the hideous spelling error in the title! Setting up from phone and predictive took over before I noticed!! It should have been excursions! Hi currently living in capalaba Brisbane with friends nut they have done the whole tourist thing and have full time job commitments so looking for other single travellers or groups who are close by or in the Brisbane area and would like an travel buddy for trips and days out to adventure different locations around greater Brisbane area. If anyone is please contact me for chat
  6. tazinaspin

    Ambo Cover in Perth

    just seen your post about ambo cover in perth, im heading to Brisbane soon and have been trying to find travel insurance for gap year which includes ambo fees however no such luck. Have you any suggestions of is there any way I can set up cover ready for arrival?
  7. Hi Guys This is no instant meet up opportunity but im heading out in September and just trying to network a little before going. How long are you in the GC area for and maybe if anyone is still about then we could keep in touch?
  8. Hi all I planning to move to the GC in September this year from the Uk. Ill be moving in with my friend but looking to offer the hand of friendship too. Lets face it no one can ever have too many friends. I am also looking to see if anyone else is into archery and if they are planning on keeping up the sport while in Oz. Hope to hear from you soon
  9. tazinaspin

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    looked over my options to get my archery kit out to oz for the best price and flights. Still no closer but a little wiser now!
  10. Thank you. I have just looked at the first luggage page. has anyone used this service, is it good, safe and reliable?
  11. Hi all Just wanting to see if I can pick anyone's brains on the best way to get my archery equipment out to oz without being charged an arm and a leg? Originally wanted to fly with Thai or Cathay but the charges seem extortionate as it seems it will be charged at x amount per Kg. My bag weights aprox. 15kg and is just over a meter in length. I have found the Air new Zealand allow additional baggage to be added to a flight at the cost of £75 but they fly via Los Ang and I have had bad reports of lost baggage flying to oz via the USA. wondering if anyone out there has any information that may help me out in finding the best way to take me bow. Thanks in advance
  12. tazinaspin

    A year out in Brisbane

    Thanks that's great info any other pointers you have would be great sounds like you in the ball
  13. tazinaspin

    A year out in Brisbane

    Thanks for a the bits of info guy really appreciate it
  14. tazinaspin

    A year out in Brisbane

    Hi im just starting to make all the arrangements for going out to oz on a working holiday visa in the next 6 months. Just wanted to pick some ideas of things ill need to do other than the glaringly obvious Visa, Travel insurance, booking flights and arranging bank account and tax file numbers. Also has anyone got any good pointers or advice on the best place to apply for visa (ie is it worth while going through a company who arrange the bank and tax number or is it just as good to go directly through the government and sort the rest myself?) I will be staying with a friend out there in the gold coast area so accommodation is all in hand. there seems so much to think about and would like to get my priorities n order so there are no nasty surprises later on down teh line! Thanks for reading and any suggestions ideas would be helpful