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  1. manrug

    business investor stream

    I forgot to mention we are doing the whole application ourselves and not using an agent to keep costs down. There is a lot of work to do it yourself and agents quoted anything from AUD 6000 to AUD 20000 for doing our application.
  2. manrug

    business investor stream

    We are from the UK. We have apllied for 188b after being nominated by Queensland. The application was submittef on 19.02.2019. Request for further info. Medicals, form 80 and police check received on 22.02.2019, only given 28 days to collect all the information. Medical due 03.03.2019.
  3. I wonder if some learned friends can help me. We applied for Visa 143 in January 2017, which will not get processed for at least another two years. So we looked at alternative/quicker visa options. One that was feasible was a Business Investor Visa sponsored by a state. Which has an upper age limit of 55. My wife who is 55 in March, has gained sponsorship from Queensland following her expression of interest. We now have less than 3 weeks to submit for the investor visa. The question that I have is if we apply for the Investor visa will we have to withdraw the 143 visa application? When we started completing the application for the Investor Visa the Immi website comes up with the following "Applicant ...... has other application lodged with the Department. However the un-finalised application may need to be withdrawn by advising the department in writing". Second question I have is the Investor visa is temporary for 4 years after which time you can apply for permanent visa. If we can only have one application at a time with Immi is it worth while withdrawing our 143 visa and thus loosing our space in the queue OR is it better to just leave our 143 visa application in the queue and forget the business investor visa? Any help or guidance will be gratefully received.
  4. I just wanted to thank everybody for their replies. My son's circumstances are rather difficult to say the least. Now we have paid the first fee for 143, we will let our application run. We still have about 2 years wait before a case officer is assigned. I will update this thread when that time comes.
  5. Hi Folks Although I have been visiting this thread frequently and learning a great deal from every one's experience, this is the first time I am writing. My wife and I applied for 143 visa in January 2017. At that time our son had been in Australia for 3 years and was settled. He is now thinking of returning to the UK. My question is: by the time our application is considered if our son is not in Australia and has returned to the UK, could we get another friend for the AOS and still get our 143? It is an unusual question but I am sure there may be someone else who has had a similar experience.
  6. This is my first post and I would like to thank all those knowledgeable people who share their experiences and provide guidance to newbies like me. I have just completed form 47pa and form 80 for my wife and myself which I will submit along with 47pa. I am slightly confused about form 47a. I have 2 sons. One is settled in OZ and the other who lives the UK. Both of my boys are independent with families of their own. I was under the impression that I do not have to fo form 47a because both of my son's are not dependent on me. Can some one please clarify this for me.
  7. Thanks for everyone who is participating in the dialogue, I appreciate it is big hurdle to gain a positive assessment, I have accepted if there are additional exams to take and I will sit them. I have been fortunate to have worked for some good law firms in the UK. Still I don't for moment under estimate the challenge of moving to a different country with a competitive jobs market.
  8. Hi Killara Thank you you very much for your detailed and precise response. Looking back on expat sites, solicitors from the UK have struggled with this part. I will keep this thread up to date as I progress with my application.
  9. I am practicing solicitor in England with over 5 years post qualification experience. I wish to apply for VISA 189 to emigrate to Australia. Can someone please clarify the following: I am going to have my skills assessed by the law society either for Queensland or New South Wales. Reading this and other forums I will be required to sit 3/4 extra exams before I become qualified as a solicitor in an Australian state. My question is this do I have to be qualified as a solicitor to practice in Australia before I can apply for my VISA 189 OR can I apply once my qualifications and experience have been assessed by the law society, apply for emigration and if successful do my exams when I arrive in Australia to become fully qualified. People from other trades must also face a similar situation for example electricians, teachers and other professions have to requalify in Australia, and are they given certain amount of time once they arrive in Australia? Is it possible to take the Law society exams for any Australian state in London or by distance learning? I will be grateful for any help.