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    Education level required for skills test?

    My job would come under - ICT Customer Support Officer - 313112 I'm struggling to find out what industry qualifications would be equivalent to a degree as I think this may be the best route to go down. The TRA website seems based more to trades rather than ICT where as the ACS website which I would of thought would be better to asses this list the equivalent industry qualifications but Im not sure they would be relevant with TRA
  2. Hi All, I am looking to apply for the subclass 190 visa and manage to get the 60 points required on the skills test but I have been told by 2 migration agents that a HND or diploma level is required and another has said that a degree level is required to be eligible for the skills test. I have 3 -Levels and not sure whether they count for anything (Can't see what the Aussie equivalent would be) and also whether my industry qualification would count for anything? I am also looking to go for my CCNA but again I'm not sure if this is worth doing if it won't count for anything despite being a highly regarding industry qualification. Age - 27 Occupation - Customer service officer(SOL) (certifications - CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, and Macintosh. Work experience -3 Years in IT Support Education - 3 A-Levels I appreciate there's probably a lot of these type of posts but some clarity on what level of education is actually required would really help! :arghh: Thanks all