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  1. BizLarker

    Moving to Melbourne from UK

    Hi Zoe and Cheekymonkey We moved in July last year. How are you settling in and where did you end up living? I'd be up for a coffee sometime if local to me (Mordialloc) as always looking to increase my social circle (as much as I can with 2 young kids anyway!) cheers
  2. thank you! When did you submit your application? Am off to Bali end of month for the grant! Last holiday abroad for a long long time!!
  3. BizLarker

    Medicare claim deadline?

    Hello does anyone know if there is a deadline by which you must submit a medicare claim? thanks
  4. thank you! Looking at end of March/early April! Last overseas holiday for a while!
  5. Wahoo! Have woken up this morning to an email from my CO stating they are ready to grant my visa and arrange to go offshore. So chuffed. 8 months and 2 weeks.
  6. BizLarker

    Bank draft to pay visa

    When I applied the fees were in sterling on the London embassy site but just had a quick look and now it seems to be pointing you towards the immi.gov.au site
  7. BizLarker

    Bank draft to pay visa

    yep, went into my bank and asked for a bankers draft made out to whoever it says make it out to and sent it with my paperwork. Can't remember if payment came out when draft drawn up or when it was banked by Australia house.
  8. BizLarker

    801 onshore partner visa

    Cool and so good docs do not need to be certified. I've got everything just might need to wait a while for my mates to get stat decs witnessed so would upload after my application. That is of course if I need to do it at all. Hoping my offshore app will be approved soon.
  9. BizLarker

    Sending medication

    Did you have prescription medication sent over? It's crazy how much some meds cost here. The in laws have asked for a shopping list for their next visit and you've just reminded me of what I can stick on it.
  10. BizLarker

    801 onshore partner visa

    Are you saying I can just apply online and submit supporting docs after the application has been lodged?
  11. BizLarker

    Using iPhone App Store in Aus with UK phone

    Finally I bothered to research properly ... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1918 .... you can also change region under payment info. i'd give that a shot.
  12. BizLarker

    Using iPhone App Store in Aus with UK phone

    Having troubles too. I cant register my card details correctly so can't buy anything. Sorry no help!