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  1. Hi Guys, I am applying for subclass 190 and i am the primary applicant. My wife (partner) will be included in the application also. Now i am reading the Proof of functional English on the IMMI website and they mentioned "an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) average score of at least 4.5 for the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing)". It's for my wife and i've been told by some that you need each band 4.5 for my partner and on the other side there are some that tell me you only need the average band of 4.5 and it's all good. Now which one is the correct one that IMMI will accept for my spouce? All band of 4.5 for each band or just the average 4.5 will do? If you have been in this situation, please share with us. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am going to applying for subclass 190 with NT state sponsorship. Want to ask if anyone here have gone through NT for state sponsorship? How fast will they say "YES, i want to sponsor you" or "NO" when we submit to NT gov? I am rushing against time now and hopefully they will say "YES" to me before the July changes again. Any feed back would be good. Thanks.
  3. barney83

    489 (provisional) visa timeline

    Hi, I am going to apply for an Australian visa and it will probably be "Skilled - Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa" I know rules have been changing a lot and now it's using pooling system (EOI). I've calculated and the points i will be getting all is 60 which is the minimum. Anyone here applied for 489 visa recently during the EOI process? I would like to know what's the timeline from getting your application into the EOI , being selected from the pool and when did you get the visa? Any feed back would be great! thanks!
  4. Hi, I am preparing for my IELTS test in 2 weeks time and need a little bit of help here. You see, i am practicing my IELTS general writing a lot as that's my weakest band i think. I've been writing a lot of the part 2 essay and i don't have an examiner to see where i stand for my band score. I would like to seek help here if anyone here would be nice enough to read my essay and judge the band score i would be getting. If it's alright i'll post the essay question here and my written answer. My essay might not be the best though as i am not a native English speaker. Do let me know if anyone is willing to read my essay and judge the band score. Thanks :cute:
  5. barney83

    IELTS written examiner needed here

    thanks Rupert! looks like i will need more practice in getting the words right. I will take your comments and learn how to write better essay.
  6. barney83

    IELTS written examiner needed here

    Hey Ruppert! Here's the question for task 2 and answer from me: Please excuse my writing if it's bad. Any comments will help certainly! Thanks.
  7. barney83

    489 chance of an EOI invite on the 18th March

    hi craigyboy, I am about to get my EOI done for 489 too. It's the same family sponsor like you but i've only scored 60 points. Do update us if you get selected on the up coming invite on the 18th March! Good luck mate
  8. barney83

    489 (provisional) visa timeline

    I am going for family sponsorship at the moment. The state that i want to live in (WA) took off the job recently i am working now. My family is there so i would want to move to WA, thats why Anyone been though 489 via family sponsorship? I am just afraid they will put in the the pool for a "LONG" time. Hoping i could get it done under 12 months for 489 though with family sponsor instead of state sponsorship. Possible?