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    Guidance Req. for Marketing/Advertising Grads

    Hello..!! no one here to assist..????
  2. manzarnaqvi

    Guidance Req. for Marketing/Advertising Grads

    Thank you Rossmoyne for the reply. I did looked at DIAC and i do qualify. My scores are letting me from South Austrlia as they are the only one i found offering immigration for Marketing and Advertising category. However, the Migration agents are charging way too high for the services. This is the reason why i seek the guidance and support from the forum so i could apply on my own.
  3. Hello Everyone, I wish to apply for Australian Immigration. I request your guidance for a step wise visa application. Following are some of my particulars, Field : Marketing/Advertising Exp : 3.5 years IELTS : 7 in all bands Years of Education : 16 I would highly appreciate if someone can guide me for filing my application. Looking forward for a positive response from the Forum Members ~ God Bless