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  1. You are obviously well travelled than most, or more likely your travels don't take you amongst the working class. I have more faith in (comprehension limitations) in the average joe blow that Hanson attracts than I ever would in the "well travelled", be it in Oz or anywhere else in the world............the average joe would know full well what "Racist" meant but I doubt that they could even define "bigot" let alone "xenophobe"


    Well unbeknowned to most I married a working class lass and am well aware of the climate that racist rhetoric panders too. Just because one is working class doesnt mean they subscribe to the mindset of the lower denominator. I spent a lot of my married life in the wheatbelt and have come across country folk who despise the propaganda tactics of Hanson. They are the real True Blue aussie battlers like my father in law, a now retired plumber who is smart enough to see through the smokescreens of most 'Insert Here' First or Insert Number Here' Nation parties. His father fought against the Nazis in the air force and is not afraid to make comparisons to what was happening then to now . Segregate a group or groups and try to turn the minds of a nation against these groups through lies. Didnt work then. Wont work now... There ya go Kev...

  2. To a degree why are we even having the conversation when clearly kids are kids regardless of what country they are in and commonsense tells us the country has nothing to do with it. If someone asked whether kids were different in a city or in the country then that would be different.


    Exactly....or even ask questions like ... Are British adults more polite than Aussie adults... Well... How long is a piece of string....."

  3. My experience is that Aussie kids are more self assured around adults and less shy.


    Have you met Aussie kids at Fitzroy crossing yet? Or perhaps in Bourke .... might change your view..

  4. Excellent article. One of my concerns is that certain agencies see every act of terrorism as a means to expand general surveillance and control over the whole population. History may look back on the last 50 year period as a golden age of personal freedom. George Orwell's '1984' may yet materialise albeit a few decades late.


    Already materialised sometime ago

  5. That's fair comment gee .....you better ask the likes of Perthbum .....this is where the whole region gets complicated.

    Turkey is an ally ,but has without question assisted I.S ...buying its stolen oil and having use of its borders .


    The Kurdish YPG are the alleged perpetrators of this atrocity ,are actually considered a terrorist organisation ,but are an ally of the Wes and spearheading the fight against I.s.

    The YPG have a unique way of dealing with I..S ,they let their women lead the fighting .

    I.s fighters believe if they are shot and killed by a woman ,they wont go to heaven ...its true .

    And these women are fearsome and battle hardened...

    .kurds as well as many westerners I cluding poles and Canadians .


    So its a complicated sition ,are the ypg ,our allies or terrorists

    Are the Turks ,our nato allies ,or just another muslim country that hates us ?


    Its a complex situation yes, theres a lot more going on than what is selectively reported. Unfortunately the propaganda machines will again milk this tragedy for their own gain.

  6. Terrible and tragic news. Whats also tragic is that the fear these terrorists are creating and spreading is exactly what they want. And the result is the religion they falsely hide behind becomes a target of hatred... and the snowball effect continues..

  7. And why exactly don't you believe Pell was involved in a cover-up? When the victimised have come out and no one has been held accountable for the crimes then.... That itself is evidence of a cover up. Not much different to what happened here in WA with abuse in remote communities.. ie Bindoon .. The fact that Pell has not accepted the Victorian abuses publicly is evidence itself

  8. Its all gone 'Pell' shaped ... and the cardinal's minority fanclub evidently have only petty defenses of this church leader... "How dare anyone have the gall to challenge and harrass this innocent saint" ... cries of "Its a witchunt" .... and "Inquisition!!" ... how ironic it is ....