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  1. As a former HR officer where I had to do the hirings and firings I totally empathise with you. To answer your question bluntly this practice does happen, not neccesarily by intent and I dont think its restricted just to Australia. Basically employment terms dont begin until a contract is signed. Even then its not permanent until the employer has it in writing. And yes you are right in treating this as a learning process, that you need to really spread your eggs in every available basket because its a real dog eat dog world of securing employment here regardless of which state you are in. Dont take this as a negative, its just that someone more qualified perhaps got the job ahead of your husband. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Things happen for a reason, theres probably a better and more transparent employer round the corner willing to take on your husband. Best of luck.
  2. In Perth the weather has changed so much since we settled here in the mid 80s. It used to be a lot more dry summers and wet winters (classic mediterranean), nowadays the winters are drier with the exception of the storms and the summers have been a lot more subtropical and we have been catching cyclone activities with hot humid thunderstormy weather.. (not good for the evap aircons!) That said for 6 months of autumn and spring Perth has the best magical weather in the world I reckon! Rather here than Melbourne! :wink:
  3. Just wondering if anyone can share their experiences and find out how they turned out. Oz is a vast country with so many different climates - from the basking humidity and heat of Darwin, the dry desert Mediterranean sub climate around Perth, the Southern cooler climate of South Oz, Victorian 4 seasons, Queensland Tropical! and NSW Temperateness. How has the climate where you settled affected how you like Oz? Insert Thoughts here...
  4. UPdate: PM is working now so Ive sent through my details. :biggrin: I can also delete posts so I cleaned up a bit of my multiple posts.
  5. Tonyman Im North, not far from Joondalup actually. And Little Britain ...(Currambine) hehe
  6. Thank you Tink, I'll keep trying like this one:biggrin:
  7. Sure thing Im available tonight but Im not sure how we can communicate? - unless you can find a way getting a pm to me or accept my friend request. Im reluctant to put my email or mobile on a public forum.
  8. Oh and I just checked your profile and see youre an eagles fan, well we support the same team as well! :biggrin:
  9. Hey MRTonyman Im in Perth as well and would love to take up your offer, I missed the Stone Roses here in 1995, and when I went to London in 91 they were not playing any shows! Been a huge fan since 89 and it would be great to go with a dedicated fellow fan who sounds genuine and indeed very generous. Perhaps you could consider me, Ive sent a friend request. Not sure how to pm but imagine can do so after you accept my request. Hopefully we can meet up and enjoy the gig in each others company! Cheers