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  1. What Im honestly wondering PB ... why did you ever contemplate coming to Perth when Stratford is obviously a very charming place. I know that because Ive been to Stratford.. ps Im not jibing here I genuinely love Stratford... just trying to put two and two together .. I understand your need to glorify it in the expense of your Perth venture. But why in the first place go to boring old Perth,?
  2. Theres a lot of great Australian music that wasnt mainstream I know you have good musical taste so I posted this. Do you know if theres more than one Elizabeth street in Sydney? Ive been involved with the music scene back then. I might even have some contacts who have been signed to Citadel. Might ask them about the compilation. Pm me if you wish to find out a bit more about the great halcyon days of underground Australian pop music.
  3. gee13

    Virtual huigs

    I ll give ya a man huig...
  4. Elizabeth Street ... now if itsthe only Elizabeth street the once famous old Sydney label Citadel released a seminal music compilation about your Street.. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Positively-Elizabeth-Street-A-Citadel-Compilation/release/1482938
  5. gee13

    Here's yer chance to go for it!

    Bloody public transport... why do they have to do that in shark infested waters? How inconsiderate to those that get seasick.... :jimlad:
  6. gee13

    Cooking the perfect omlette?

    This thread is Eggxciting ... Did my usual Omellete this morning. Fry off shallots and bacon in olive oil and dash of butter. Beat eggs but not whisk. Pour eggs on cooked ingredients. Grate some parmeson. Bring to High heat. Fold eggs from the edge in on itself like a napkin. Flip over and let heat for a couple of minutes more. Serve with dash of cracked pepper.
  7. gee13

    Here's one for you xenophobes!

    Creative Translation : "Afro - Jamaican men in antiquity were highly instrumental in removing the insecurities of a fair number of British women in the bedroom. No sex please we're British went out the stiff upperlip doorway of a lot of of these womenfolk who were spellbound by the allure of emancipation. This led to quite a number of British men who thought that these exotic men were highly culpable.... thus leading to their own perfunctory chapter of anguish.."
  8. gee13

    British politeness?

    The kid must have watched a lot of Sienfeld:laugh:
  9. gee13

    Brownlow ? Who's gonna win?

    Geez all you ladies talking about the Brownlow and not one discussion on the dresses......:laugh:..
  10. gee13

    The Bibbulmun Track

    I just got sent a photo of my friends kids aged 7- 12 who just did a 30km part of the track .. get in touch if you want more details.
  11. gee13

    Here's one for you xenophobes!

    No Idea for those who...'obviously' .... "Dont get it" :laugh:
  12. gee13

    Here's one for you xenophobes!

    :biglaugh:Ahhhahahaha...puts a truth dagger right up the heart of the butts of the ignorant nationalistic divs... the thing is they still dont quite get IT.... :laugh: :biglaugh:
  13. gee13

    British politeness?

    Theres Politeness and Theres Politeness... Ive found country Brits to be a little more Polite... :wink:
  14. gee13

    Rugby World Cup Predictions

    Ahh where would be without the brains trust...? :yes:
  15. gee13

    West Coast v North Melbourne

    You are a good coach when you have a winning team.. you are a poor coach when you have a team that loses.... yeah Mick Malthouse.....Choco. ... Eade... Yeah they were all good...and bad coaches... They won premierships.....and also got sacked .... they had great tactics when they were winning...and 'debatable' poor tactics when they weren't
  16. gee13

    West Coast v North Melbourne

    Its also been proven your football knowledge is .. quite astounding...
  17. gee13

    West Coast v North Melbourne

    BEST COAST!!! :wink: Thanks for a great thread parley...:laugh:
  18. gee13

    More than 700 people killed in stampede

    Agreed the Sauds are all about greed and financial control... and much seeded corruption.
  19. gee13

    Best form of cooking

    I used to cook outside using a old Weber that took hot coals ... now I have a 4 burner Everdure BBQ. I do still miss the old Weber for that smoky taste tho.. something about slow cooking on hot coals..
  20. gee13

    What i love about living in Australia...

    I love how I can play golf 365 days a year if I wanted... :wink:
  21. gee13

    More than 700 people killed in stampede

    You obviously havent lived in one. I lived in a 100% muslim country for 10 years.. I went to church every Sunday..Im still breathing... you sound like you need more exposure than reading tabloids...
  22. gee13

    Hawks v Fremantle

    All over once again Hawks deny Freo
  23. gee13

    Hawks v Fremantle

    Could be like a City V Utd FA Cup Final Nick ... :laugh:
  24. Righto all you resident head noodlers, closet mosh pitters, toe tappers, air guitar techicians... What is floating your boat right now ... All formats welcome..78s, 12"LPs, EPs, 7"s, Mini EPs, CDs, Cassettes, Reel to Reel, Dat, 3" mini CD...ah yeah I ll accept Mp3...barely :biggrin: Well I ll start.. the lil oneand I have been enjoying Ariel Pink- Haunted Graffiti on rotation in the car CD player.. great summer tunage with hints off chillwave and 80s revivalist
  25. gee13

    More than 700 people killed in stampede

    Seriously you jest....