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    Tim Minchin's view on the Pell issue

    Perhaps Donald Duck will look at buying up the Vatican soon....
  2. gee13

    Tim Minchin's view on the Pell issue

    Minchin has the balls to do this, which is much more than Pell and his supporters will ever dream of having.
  3. gee13

    My travel thread

    The scenic flight is awesome indeed! Lots of photo opportunities..
  4. gee13

    Best Perth beach...

    Waterman Beach. Lagoon out there been taking the young un for years. Shaded playground nearby, grass picnic area, showers and ablution nearby
  5. gee13

    My travel thread

    Safe travels on the other side Stacey! Qld is a big and beautiful place its a good scenery change from WA.
  6. gee13

    Where have you been to in Bali?

    Melia in Nusa Dua has a great beach with has decent snorkeling opportunities. There are nice tropical fish varieties fish in crystal clear waters in 3-4 feet depth. The beach is private so hotel guests only and you dont get the hassle of souvenir hawkers. Its 5 Star but you only pay 150-170 per night which includes full buffet breakfast. Its far from the hustle of Kuta and you wont get a party scene. Very large pool to relax in family friendly and middle age friendly as well. There are more the European types that go there and they seem to be fairly quiet. Its close to a Shopping Centre. There are also a few restaurants you can use at the hotel - Japanese, Beach Tapas etc.. that tend to have themed buffet nights as well they. Just bear in mind its more for tourists etc and dont really offer the 'real' Bali experience. But for that just hire a local driver for $40 USD for a full day and they can bring you to wherever you want to experience the culture.. then go back to your comfortable room after. Its only 30 min from the airport too.
  7. gee13

    Barnaby Joyce new Nationals Leader

    Even the real clueless that support the idiocy now construe others as clueless...
  8. gee13

    Barnaby Joyce new Nationals Leader

    Yes BJ is another buffoon indeed. Has been for a long time. Just like Abbott.
  9. gee13


    I hear music in colour waveforms
  10. gee13

    Some of my photography

    Very impressive! !
  11. gee13

    Jade's Jpourney

    Amazing and beautiful shots!
  12. gee13

    Australia Day

    Play golf and eat lamb chops ...
  13. gee13

    Who should be Australian of the Year ?

    Harpo...You forgot Non- Muslim: check Non-Gay: check (provisional)
  14. gee13

    Who should be Australian of the Year ?

    I hope its someone that no ones heard of, so that their actual good work is heard of and recognised publicly.
  15. gee13

    Who should be Australian of the Year ?

    Arman Abrahimzadeh , at least he is actually nominated. Lleyton Hewitt wont ever come close to being nominated ... unless its for Australian Tennis Player of the Year 2001
  16. gee13

    My travel thread

    Yes indeed and if you do make sure you get in touch.. Ive been travelling to this side of the world for some time and have all the right trusted contacts including personal drivers etc... you'll be looked after! You can have one bring you all around bali for less than $35 for a half day
  17. gee13

    My travel thread

    Glad to know youre well Stacey. We are in Ubud, in the hills of Bali now just 3 and a bit hours away....enjoying the food, scenery and tropical serenity.. $250 return flights :wink: Homestays from $15 a night or get a 1 bed private villa for $40 on our premises .. hint hint....but we decided to push the budget and get a deluxe house with amazing views for $150...
  18. gee13

    My Lamington Trek with pics

    Great pics Kev and Ive been there too!! Amazing place..ancient and primal feel to it and not so far to get from Brisvegas
  19. gee13

    Rip bowie

    One of the Best ...!! And Yes The Hurt Live version with Trent is amazing along with Johnny Cash's version .. RIP Ziggy
  20. gee13

    Where's the Perth summer?

    For the last 10 years or so I think Summer in Perth has moved forward to start in Jan.. the seasons have moved.. interesting when reading about traditional aboriginal knowledge of Perth seasons apparently there were 7-8 seasons showing that our need to apply traditional western european seasons to everywhere we populate does not quite hold true.. its going to be a long hot summer though.. perhaps ending around end of march..
  21. :biglaugh: :biglaugh::biglaugh: Oh the Terrorists are so scared ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G2puQw5Y98
  22. gee13

    National Front goes large in France

    :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  23. Im looking forward to Wang Chung at the Astor. :jiggy:Not sure of the Bananarama support tho... :swoon:
  24. gee13

    Why cant we all just get along!!!

    maybe gone and joined some neo crusader movement ..
  25. gee13

    My travel thread

    Hi Stacey This is a real must do in WA http://www.aussiewanderer.com.au/tours/1-day-pinnacles/?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-NqyBRC905irsrLr-LUBEiQAWJFYTjhOk38JmYDXBusPTrYCFFB--HynH3aWoFMxvy5HQRkaAoJn8P8HAQ Yanchep is okay.. it used to be much more isolated and lovely.. but now its jus a lovely 'suburb' ... Two Rocks is further out and has the best beaches.. Imagine Cottesloe white sand with no shops or people! Down South is also most Beautiful. Beach townships of Dunsborough and Margaret River, Karri forests of Pemberton and Walpole Valley of the Giants. G