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  1. Kevin11

    Post Office Document Certification Service

    no - they won't accept post office certification...
  2. It depends if you have been in a relationship for longer than 2 years or not.
  3. how long after applying do you think they would ask for one if they were going to ?
  4. Kevin11


    Usually the company...
  5. Just make sure you're naked when you ask, that's the important bit.
  6. Kevin11

    case officer

    It makes it a lot easier to read if you use punctuation. Which visa ? It all depends on a lot of factors.
  7. I'm a Feb applicant too... Haven't heard anything since I did the medical.
  8. Kevin11

    What does a permanent visa medical actually involve?

    The blood test is taken by everyone... It is the HIV test.
  9. I tried contacting my CO after the medical too but didn't get a response, must be common enough!
  10. Kevin11

    Assessment successful what is next ?

    Was thinking that too, bizarre to say the least...
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering do you hear back from your CO after police checks and medicals have been submitted to advise you don't need to submit anything else, and the visa is pending grant ? From reading on here some people have been told this but I'm not sure if it's them that have asked or they have been told. cheers!
  12. Kevin11

    Vetassess - Belfast

    Belfast Metropolitan College Titanic Quarter College 7 Queens Road Belfast, BT3 9DT
  13. Kevin11

    Criminal record

    Not true.
  14. Kevin11

    Criminal record

    Cheers for the reply. We were asked for more evidence at the start and given the 30 days to produce it etc. I too am in the same boat as your friend (failure to declare on a landing card on a WHV) so just wondering at what stage they asked for character refs, I would have thought at the start they would know you had failed the character test and asked for the references along with evidence ? Also before doing the medical...
  15. Kevin11

    Criminal record

    Do you know how long into their application the CO failed it for the character test?
  16. Kevin11

    309 offshore partner visa interview questions?

    When did you apply/get a CO ?
  17. Does anyone know how long it takes for a decision to be made on these particular visas ?
  18. did they not declare their convictions on a previous entry into Australia ? Also, did they get their visa's in the end ?
  19. sounds fairly positive for you then I didn't receive any indication like you that there wouldn't be any problems, which makes me wonder! I was told to wait 3 months before doing my medical just. I am wondering should I email my CO and ask if there will be any issues later on in the process, or is it likely I will get my grant.
  20. The CO is content now with the amount of evidence provided, she requested more which we sent and have heard nothing back. What I was saying though was I think everyone gets given their HAP number during the first few months, whether or not it may later be declined for character issues later on in the process...
  21. Out of interest, how much are you paying for shipping and is it a crate ?
  22. Are medicals not requested as soon as you hear back regarding your application and case officer assigned, whether or not your application may later be declined ? I could also be wrong but that was my understanding, as they need quite a bit of time to assess your application as regards character issues and stuff like that which needs more depth analysis. I'd be curious to know which it is...