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  1. kaiser

    TRA Reference Help

    You need to write like you are telling someone how to do the job from start to finish for all aspects of the job, give a few examples of jobs/projects done as though you are telling an absolute novice, explaining the techniques and the tools used etc. refs I did we're 4/5 pages long and statement of experience was as long. I am not a cabinet maker but if you would like to see what I did for my skills assessment I am happy to share. PM me.
  2. Go on the TRA website and you will find all the info, guidance and forms on there. They are also very helpful if you email or telephone them with queries.
  3. Hi all. Just some info if you are a PR with previous conviction and not yet left Oz and returned. I returned to Oz after a holiday and I thought that as I am now a Permanent Resident I wouldn't need to go through things again at Airport re previous conviction. Not the case. I was pulled aside and same questions asked again re convictions. The Officers were fine - it was only a quick conversation and the rest was about my trip. They did tell me, however, that I will be pulled aside every time I re-enter. Just wanted to let others know what to expect.
  4. Hi. I got here on a 190 as a Painting Trades Worker. You will need a skills assessment via TRA. I did mine last September and I had to outline experience over the previous 3 years. I qualified to NVQ 3 and was initially told by an agent that they don't assess level 2 NVQs as comparable. However when I got my positive assessment through, they had in fact assessed my NVQ 2 as comparable rather than my level 3. I think it depends on the syllabus and whether the majority matches the Oz qualification topics. Have you done an apprenticeship/supervised on the job training as they require this not just the qualification. Without this you might need to do an AQF. Immi will only count work experience post-qualification. The skills assessment is really the most difficult part of the process as you have to provide so much information and detail but a lot of what you use for the assessment you also use for the visa application so by the time you get to that bit you have already gathered most of the required information. It would be worth you just having a quick chat to an agent ( even though they gave me the info about the level 2, they were very helpful overall and checked all the info before I submitted). I am in Perth and the good news is there is plenty of work here for painters. Good money, plenty of hours - I haven't had a day out of work since I first came here (except when out of choice for a bit of travelling) over 2 years ago (originally came on a WHV and even did my regional as a painter in NT) Have a look on Seek.com.au, jobrapido and indeed and gumtree.com.au is a good source as always jobs posted on there for painters. Don't know where you want to live but Perth Poms often has jobs posted and seen sponsorship opportunities posted on there for painters. There are forums for most of the states and all have a jobs section. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  5. kaiser

    tra skills assessment

    i got a successful outcome last September and unless it's now changed only had to cover the last 3 years. My statement on experience did cover all my experience but you should be ok in providing a reference for the last contractor as this will cover the 3 years. The reference needs to be very detailed. I also have City & Guilds so your certificates should list the modules covered. I just did an attachment headed with each module and detailed what each one covered as I didn't have an actual transcript.
  6. kaiser

    TRA Employment reference

    Hi. I have been through TRA assessment but a different trade with successful outcome. More than happy to share employment ref with you - even though a different trade it should point you in the right direction. PM me with your email and I will send it through.
  7. kaiser

    Unsure on a request from case officer

    Not always the case to b asked for a subject access. Had a couple of convictions when juvenile. Declared them, included on Form 80, wrote a stat dec, got 3 character refs and hey presto got the visa grant 4 weeks from lodgement. Good luck!
  8. kaiser

    community punishment order's

    It won't be a reason to have a visa refusal as it is community service not prison. It is likely to either show up on the Police Check or as a 'No Live Trace' so you will need declare it, include on form 80 and do a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances and how he is now a reformed character. It is also a good idea to get a few character references saying what a good citizen he now is. Good luck.
  9. kaiser

    Subject request disclosure

    Sorry can't help but think you were unlucky to be asked for it by CO. No Live Trace is more often accepted than not. Good luck with the process. Stressful but worth it.
  10. kaiser

    electrician needs help with visa

    Was it a Skills Assessment or just for licences? If you have your positive Skills Assessment you can go ahead and start the process
  11. kaiser

    Crb check

    Hi No nothing that added to the 12 months. However I have an English friend here in Oz who got his PR recently with a past 12 month sentence and he got his PR with Stat Decs And character refs. Why don't you pass it by a migration agent for opinion. My friend used an agent because of this and feels it was worth the expense to get the PR.
  12. kaiser

    Crb check

    Hi I had a couple of convictions from the past and my ACPO came back No Live Trace. I did a statutory declaration to explain and show how I was now an upstanding citizen and got 3 character references. This was good enough for DIPB and PR visa was granted 4 weeks from lodgement with no further questions.
  13. It is a moral obligation not a legal one.
  14. Just be honest. I had a conviction in my youth. I provided an explanation on Form 80 and a stat dec. No problem - Visa granted 4 weeks after lodgement.
  15. kaiser

    Driving Licence Confusion WA

    Hi all. I hope someone can help me. I am a little confused about changing a UK Driving Licence to a WA licence. I am not sure which category I fall into. I passed my test in the UK in September this year (in readiness for coming over) so now hold a full licence but prior to that have held a provisional licence for a number of years - learning to drive on and off but that experience amounts to over 2 years. Do I fall into the Novice 1 or 2 category or full licence as I have held a licence for some time albeit provisional until September. I am totally confused by the Australia system. Any experience with this that anyone can share I would be most grateful for. Thank you in anticipation.