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    camp;ing gear for sale

    Complete campingset for sale in Sydney! Tent: companion exo lite 210 Airmatras queen size 12 volt airpump for airmatras 2 burner portable gasstove, gasmate 2 2kg gasbottles with gashoses Foldable stove table Small camp-oven 2Q + lidlifter Campfire hamburger basket 64 cm 32 liter Esky Jerry can water 2 foldable director chairs, wanderer Foldable table, 2m x 90cm, blowmould 2 fishing rods with reels Fish tackle box, yabbie net and 2 buckets Interested in all, or just 1 item? Mail: <pm> before May 10th
  2. ivette

    travel transportation for sale

  3. ivette

    travel transportation for sale

    hi Paul, yes I can sell seperately. We have the complete package, tent, gasstove (2 burner) with 2 small 2 kg bottles and small folding table, pots and pans etc, airmatras queen size, pillows, sleepingbags for -5C, tent ( companion exo lite 2.1m), folding table (2m by 90 cm) with 2 chairs (director chairs, folding), 2 fishing rods with reels and tackle box, 12 volt pump for airmatras, small dutch oven (bbq pot!), Esky 32 liter, and some small stuff for fun camping. With regards, Ivette
  4. We are now traveling in Australia in a Toyota Camry CSI Stationwagon with a Exo tent (30 sec. tent, big!) for 8 months. End of April we are arriving in Sydney and want to sell our camping gear included the car, because we are flying out. Are you planning to go around Australia for a couple of months? Camping is the best way & cheapest way to see the country! Any interest: let me know by mailing me. I can send you pictures as well. Have fun with organising your trip!