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  1. Ozinoz

    Is it worth Shipping a BBQ to UK

    We got a Flymo EasylifeGo robotic lawnmower... would never look back... it (we have called it Nemo lol) is amazing and you never have to pick up grass as it cuts so fine it mulches as it goes. The only thing you do need to do is trim the edges or just plant borders.
  2. Ozinoz

    Is it worth Shipping a BBQ to UK

    Prices are rising for various reasons but essentials including fruit and veg are staying low or discounted due to price matching with Aldi at the moment and also the supermarkets selling their own branded produce much like Coles and Woolies do and to be fair the quality of fresh produce is getting better in the pre-packed packaging recently and I have never quite got used to not being able to pick my own produce. Petrol/Diesel prices are rising rapidly and plaster and wood are on limited sale at the builders merchants (if even available). Fortunately Amazon tends to be able to source a lot of stuff on bulk purchase and we managed to buy a 6x6 shed today at a really good price when everyone else is out of stock. When I first came here 8 years ago Salmon was my saving grace... the price of that has gone waaay up in recent years but you can always get bargains if you go to the discounted sections, even in Waitrose
  3. Ozinoz

    Is it worth Shipping a BBQ to UK

    Everything here in the UK is getting more expensive by the day including outdoor stuff due to Covid, Brexit and the cost of materials. If you love it... bring it home! Being yelled at to watch the penalties now lol
  4. Ozinoz

    Medical Insurance on a WHV

    It is a condition on your WHV application that you must have Private Health Insurance, if you have been issued a Visa, then you have stated that you have cover. Reciprocal Medicare covers general doctors visits & emergencies but if you do not get covered for dental, ambulance and lots of other stuff, it is provided by the Government and unrelated to complying your Visa conditions.
  5. Ozinoz

    Visa agent or do it yourself?

    It wasn't questionable advice at all... it was a complete ripoff... the Visa agent was charging the person to renew their visa every month when they did not need to at all. I don't know why that would make you smile. Australian Immigration are more than happy to help & will provide free advice so that anyone can assess if they do or do not need help with their application. I had a Visa refusal clause in my application, I just made darn sure that it would be accepted before I submitted it.
  6. Ozinoz

    Shipping Advice Please!

    But if you are shipping furniture it is secondhand already plus it could get damaged so you can't compare new for old.
  7. Ozinoz

    Shipping Advice Please!

    The problem with self packing is that the Insurance premium is higher and you are more likely to be inspected by customs. I have no idea where you are all looking to say that secondhand goods are more expensive in Australia, they are not. People literally give furniture away here or you can pick it up for a song on ebay or Gumtree.
  8. Ozinoz

    Visa agent or do it yourself?

    Fair enough I was reading down at your other put people off doing it themselves reply. The thing is that it will save someone money if they can do it themselves, so no harm in trying. No one can actually fill out the personal information except the applicant, so they have to do most of the work themselves anyway. We were told stories by the staff when we went to Immigration that would put anyone we told ever using an Agent. You can get FREE advice anytime so there is no harm in enquiring. Applications are not difficult if you speak and write English fluently and I would encourage anyone to at least research the possibility of doing it themselves before they pay an exorbitant fees to people who will simply submit what you have given them. I understand that is your business but your fees are not always affordable especially with the Visa fees being so high in the first place. People should not have to pay to be together.
  9. Ozinoz

    Visa agent or do it yourself?

    Actually I did both of ours successfully myself with absolutely no assistance... so I have to completely disagree with you.
  10. Ozinoz

    Shipping Advice Please!

    Well I am selling everything up at the moment and I can promise you that unless it is irreplaceable or someone else is paying for the shipping, it is not worth it. We also have bring out your dead here where people leave their goods on the verge for anyone to pick up. You can get loads of good stuff, including sofas, desks, chairs etc etc for nothing, we have even picked up stuff that we have sold Also there is Freecycle.
  11. Ozinoz

    Shipping Advice Please!

    Unless your furniture is antique and/or irreplaceable I would not recommend shipping it at all. We have IKEA in Australia and you can pick it and all your other stuff up for a song on ebay. It is a complete waste of your time and money sending it unless someone else is paying for it of course Everything else is personal and most likely can be fitted into boxes. I always fancied myself as the packing queen but when the men came to pack our stuff a couple of days ago and 3.5 hours later looking on with a lot of great conversation and laughs, I can honestly say it is not worth doing yourself. We booked 30 Tea Chest Boxes and thought we would go over as we calculated it and taped off the area that it would fit in... but no... we were at least 10 boxes under and I had to run around finding more stuff to pack which was very easy but completely unexpected. The other brilliant thing if you don't self pack is that the company deals with customs on your behalf. As 30 tea chest boxes is considered a small, not only did I get charged a very small packing fee, the insurance was also reduced. As my stuff has obviously not even been loaded onto a container as yet, I cannot recommend the company until I receive it, however if all goes as it has so far, it will be pretty much a faultless move. Obviously some things may get damaged but we didn't put anything in that we were willing to forgo. The only thing that is bothering me now is that I swore I was going to become a minimalist... not chance of that now *sigh*
  12. Ozinoz

    Visa agent or do it yourself?

    Why not try it yourself, even if you don't complete it, most surely the Agents fees will be reduced by the amount of work they have left to do if you get stuck
  13. Ozinoz

    How clean is clean.

    If they are definitely just stains and are all clean, just use black tyre paint on them to put your mind at ease
  14. Chicken Salt is AMAZING but the most amazing is actually done by KFC which you sadly cannot buy You always know a good KFC Employee when you ask them to double salt your chips and they give you a bright understanding smile of acknowledgement
  15. Ozinoz

    Bizarre comments about the UK....

    Erm... Tiramisu is Italian