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  1. Hi There, I am a NZ citizen by birth and my partner is from the UK and has lived in NZ on work visas for the last 4 years. We are applying for a Subclass 461 visa so that she is able to accompany me to Australia as my de-facto partner. I understand that this is not an ideal visa in the long term but we will figure out how to move on from that visa given time in Australia. Question is does the Reciprocal agreement that UK and Oz have cover the basic medical for entire duration of her stay in Aussie or is there a time limit that you are covered for? I saw some threads that suggested that you are only covered for the first 6 months but suspect that may not be true. I also appreciate that we will probably need insurance to cover addition things... Does anyone have experience of coverage and a time limit if any for a reciprocal? Is there any coverage if we were to fall pregnant? I realize we won't be covered for maternity pay etc but would love to know if some hospital bills are covered... Any answers from those that have experienced this would be much appreciated... Regards Shaun