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    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    I was there 2 years ago, it was going to be our big tree change but we ended up leaving. Orange itself isnt a bad town, it has everything you need and theres lots of winerys to explore, but it is so so isolated and so far from anywhere else. 4 hours to the beach, 4 hours back to sydney, public transport out there isnt great, limited train service which sometimes stops half way and changes to a bus so anyone visiting you from the uk is looking at an additional 5/6 hour journey after a long flight. And the next major town of bathurst is 50min drive and then its much like orange! If all that doesnt bother you its a pleasant place to live, and theres some nice housing , you will get a lot more for your money there. Just go with your eyes open
  2. Kerry85

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    I see orange is mentioned in this article, having lived there i would not reccommend it!
  3. Kerry85

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    Na the illawarra is not that bad at all, sure the city centre sometimes has a few dodgy characters hanging about in the daytime but i lived a 10min walk form wollongong CBD for 2 years and i never had a problem day or night. Anyway, the main reason for going there is the beach suburbs, and because of the shopping centre at shellharbour a lot of people dont actually go into wollongong itself. Theres a few new suburbs that are nice, check out calderwood and horsley. So many english down this way
  4. Kerry85

    live & Work in the Nowra NSW

    Very few jobs in nowra. Its a small town. As for where to live there, avoid nowra itself and look at the surroundings - huskisson/vincentia callala bay/culburra , berry, sussex inlet. The area has the nicest beaches and a great lifestyle...if you can find work! Its a popular holiday destination for the sydneysiders
  5. Kerry85

    Port Macquarie - New South Wales

    Love love love port macquarie! But yes there are a lack of jobs there. Try indeed for job searches aswell. Tafe is what you want to look at for further training after school . Also port mac is a fair drive from sydney airport if this is a factor, about 5 hours i think
  6. Kerry85

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    Wollongong! Such a great lifestyle and many people commute to sydney for work. In the northern suburbs look at thirroul, bulli, woonona and in the south look at shellharbour, shell cove, kiama and gerringong.
  7. Kerry85

    where to live in nsw - other than sydney

    can you recommend some nice places on the central coast we should look at? can i ask if you work locally or do you travel to sydney for work? thanks x
  8. Kerry85

    where to live in nsw - other than sydney

    it was a great weekend, sooo many vineyards we hardly scratched the surface but good fun and gorgeous scenery
  9. Kerry85

    where to live in nsw - other than sydney

    Thanks for the replies everyone, my partner is aussie and is working as a chef at the moment in wollongong. We definately wouldnt move unless we had jobs to go to, its just knowing where to look! Although my partner is aussie theres a lot of places he hasnt been to either so its good to get some opinions of places to consider. Newcastle sounds similar to wollongong with the centre being a bit run down which doesnt really bother me that much so long and there is things to do and places to explore nearby. We are actually in the hunter this weekend which is very close to newcastle...maybe we will have a little detour on the way home. The hunter valley is gorgeous so i would love to be closer. Thanks again x
  10. i totally see where you are coming from. We are about a 40 min drive from my partners family and old school friends who he sees regularly. We didnt want to live where they are living but my partner has no interest in making new friends where we are living as he already has friends! makes it hard for me trying to make friends on my own and you do feel abit annoyed that his friends and family are close by and its just you trying to meet people.
  11. Kerry85

    I have found the Best Fish & Chip shop in Australia!!!

    i must admit i do miss 'proper' fish and chips, aussie ones are a bit boring and dry, because they use cheap frozen chips. i was told about a place in wollongong that had british chips but they were not the same. The search continues...
  12. Hi all, just looking for some opinions. i am currently living in Wollongong with my partner and new baby, and we are considering moving due to a lack of jobs and opportunities in the area. My partner has a lot of family in south west sydney so we ideally want to stay in the state so we are close enough to drive to see them but we don't really want to be in Sydney. We are looking for somewhere with reasonable house prices and jobs on offer (a big ask anywhere i know!) My partner is a chef but is looking for a career change and is just finding nothing down here. any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Kerry85

    canada police check help please

    thats great thank you so much, when i got my finger prints done the officer said he thought there should a form i have to send with it and i was going crazy trying to find it! I will just write it all myself then, thanks again
  14. Kerry85

    canada police check help please

    Hello all, i am in the process of applying for a partner visa and need a police check for canada as i lived there for over a year. I am currently in australia and have had my prints done but my question is what do i send with them? i have seen the list of info required but i cannot for the life of me find a form to fill in with my address and reason for request etc. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  15. cant do saturday as steve is working, could do monday or tuesday? brewery sounds good though!