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    ACT State Sponsorship work experience criteria

    then it should not b a problem, hv u re-applied for your SS? also every state has different work ex requirements.
  2. shibiya

    ACT State Sponsorship work experience criteria

    do u have 60 points covered? 3 years experience should be fine
  3. shibiya

    ACT State Sponsorship work experience criteria

    hey did you get the answer for your query? i am also in a similar situation of 2 years experience for ACT sponsorship. Keep me updated please.
  4. shibiya

    ACT SS Processing Time

    hey How many years of experience do you have as Software Tester?
  5. shibiya

    Eligibility for a 190 visa

    Hello Everyone Me and my partner are planning to move to Australia. Our last visit was 2 years back on a student visa while my partner got a TR.I have been working as a Graphic Designer since 2010. We are good on the point test, but my offshore work ex is only 2 years plus.Do i qualify for a 190 visa as i have been told that i am under experience and wont get a state sponsorship (graphic design is open in ACT). I have to take a chance on the vetasses. I don't know whether this thread is repeated, but would really like a clear opinion on this. Thanks
  6. shibiya

    Applying for 190 visa any advice

    Hello MandiMR2, Could you please tell whether 3 years of work ex is mandatory for a 190 visa? i only have 2 years of experience and consultants in my country have refused to take the case and most of them have mixed opinions.i am good on the point test, if u have any info on this, it will be an aid,my occupation is in ACT list