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  1. GarySawers

    Help with Melbourne

    Hey how are you, I'm actually from Scotland and emigrated nearly a year ago, we have been living in Yarraville for around 8 months now and I can safely say in my experience is the best suburb in Melbourne. It has three parks off the top one with a dinosaur of my head is actually close to water as williamstown beach is ten minutes drive away, city access is around 15 mins in the train. The area does have a lovely vibe great restaurants, cafés and probably the best cinema in the sun theatre in Melbourne! Feel free to ask any more questions on the area, Kind Regards Gary
  2. GarySawers

    Voluntary NI contributions

    Just want to keep updated with this thread!
  3. GarySawers

    Trade Skill Assessment Carpenter Joiner

    Hey everyone, I recently migrated to Oz on a permanent residency visa through the carpentry test. I would recommend the practical assessment as it really was a breeze, as long as you scrub up on roofs ( I built one in the back garden aswell as went to my old college for some tips) read a few Australian Carpentry books you should be fine! Read loads on formwork(shuttering) there lots of questions about this. Another tip is get studying for IELTS now, get a tutor, get writing, reading practicing as soon as you can! The reason for this is state sponsorship really has tightened up, I think I made it by three days! So to avoid this and get the extra points from IELTS most people require you need to get straight 8's!?!?!? Easier said than done! Any questions you guys have just message me, happy to help! Gaz
  4. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Hey everyone, I actually started this thread! And im glad to say me and my partner board the plane tonight to begin our adventure! Its been a hard couple of weeks saying goodbye to everyone but hopefully it will all be worth it! Big thanks to pomsinoz for the hours of help and advice also! Cheers xx
  5. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    MDHORNE without being too optimistic and giving you false hope lol you probably find if the case officer has everything required and everything is correct you should get your granted visa in a few days!!!!! I uploaded my last police check on the Tuesday I think and was granted a visa on the Wednesday! Good Luck!!!
  6. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Congratulations Zayn83!!! takes a while to sink in haha
  7. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Bit of good news Lawyer contacted us today to confirm our visa has been granted!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Got my AUstralian Federal police checks back today, so we have completed everything! So just waiting on case officer granting visa now! Any idea how long this takes anyone?
  9. GarySawers


    Hi everyone, Just a thank you to the guys at Train4Gap, They a company in Uk who have just started and basically offer educational courses aimed at helping in you're move to Aus. Basically, I sat my White Card test with them and the course was very helpful and the lecturer Ben Waite was a great help. For those in the construction industry the white card is an essential and is basically a carbon copy of a CSCS card in the UK!
  10. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Congratulations bmap!!! Hopefully the rest of us won't be far behind!!
  11. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Ok, so small update! case officer assigned! medicals completed! british police check completed! aussie police check sent! after one and a half years we can sit bit and relax and wait on our visa grant! Thank God!:biggrin:
  12. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Hi Jellybean, we already been granted our state sponsorship with WA, so this just the final stumbling block, so to speak! Made another thread and by the sounds of things if you prove you have applied for a police check you will be granted an extension and once you receive your results you just forward the to the CO. should hopefully be fairly plain sailing now!!!
  13. GarySawers

    Case Officer - Deadline???

    Thanks for the reply Lebourvellec! Putting my mind right at ease! I sent my police check by post but have the receipt from the post office and I would imagine there will be a e-mail sent to me when the documentation has arrived!!!
  14. GarySawers

    Case Officer - Deadline???

    Hey everyone, So great news, we been contacted by our case officer! The only thing is we been told we have a 15th of February deadline!! Our medicals and British police checks will be done by then but am pretty sure with the processing time and postal our Aussie police checks won't be back in time? Anyone know what this means..
  15. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Ok, so we got our medicals booked and do them on Wednesday! We got our British police checks sent and they be received so they not gonna take long! we sent our Aussie police checks away also! Our lawyer also been contacted by our case officer so that's great news! Unfortunately we been told we have a deadline that is on the 15th of February?!?!? Don't reckon we have enough time to have received our Aussie police checks back by then! Anyone know what this means?....