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  1. eisenhorn

    190 visa app to Vic and agents

    Thanks, does that mean the secondary applicant MUST be assessed in order to work? Looked at another agency selected, and it seems upwards of £3K for their services! I did look at the IELTS tests, and sat the test ones - they were straight forward enough ;-)
  2. eisenhorn

    190 visa app to Vic and agents

    And one more question. Does my wife need to have her skills assessed in order to work if she was the spouse on the application? She has the same potential (and hopefully will) to work full time as well.
  3. eisenhorn

    190 visa app to Vic and agents

    Thanks for the quick reply lebourvellec. The skills assessment may only prove awkward in that I was contracting for the first 4 years of my last 6, so I'll have to look at how I verify that, and my wife and I were both living in Germany to make matters more interesting. Also, what about working for companies who no longer exist? Gah, tons of questions and we've barely started
  4. eisenhorn

    190 visa app to Vic and agents

    Hi All, I've been enjoying reading some of the posts here and thought I'd post to see if I could also get some advice. My wife and I (including 2 kids; 6 and 3) are seriously looking at emigrating to Australia and would like to settle in either Perth or Melbourne. We've got friends in Sydney, but we stayed there for 3 weeks a few years back and it was so expensive that to get reasonable property for a family meant a large commute. I'm an Oracle Database Administrator (Schedule 2 - 262111), with over 10 years exp, and my wife is the same with more exp. We're looking at applying for a 190 visa to Victoria as I saw they still accept visas for this skill. However, I also spoke to a UK emigration company "The Immigration Advisory Service", and he mentioned that as a British Citizen, we don't get any points for the language stuff. Is that true and would I therefore need to sit the language course to ensure I get tons of points? I seem to get 25 for age, 20 for language (one would hope i score an A!), 15 for job, 15 for a BA(Hons), 5 for the wife, and perhaps 5 from 190 support. So, without the language test I would score around 60-65 points. Do I need more to have more chance of acceptance, and therefore would the language test help? Also, the company I was speaking to is based in the UK, so I was wondering about agencies. Is it easier to deal with in Aus or here? I asked him lots of questions, like their costs, timelines, associated services, and finally (as I've read everywhere on these forums) whether they were MARA agents. He said he wasn't as he was British, but there were MARA agents in his team. Do I continue with this kind of service (around £1200) or look for others that people recommend? Thanks and Best Regards, Stephen.