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  1. My husband is also applying for this position I believe. Was initially interested this time last year, but we put it off. Currently seriously thinking of sending an EoI in next couple of weeks. Our understanding is that from sending an initial Expression of interest to actually landing in Australia is roughly 18 months. Can be a bit less depending on how long the visas take to come through. With my husbands situation we have been given to believe that he will be based at garden island, sydney.
  2. Wow Debbs72. That was quick. Congratulations. We have delayed our application. Wont be putting in the expression of interest until next December (2014). Seems a long way off, but it will fly i am sure. I start uni in sept and we need to time it so that we don't go out until i have qualified as a midwife. We are likely to get Sydney too. I don't post on here often but i like to keep an eye out and see how everyones visas are going. Hope this means you will be moving soon.
  3. Hello BaileyCat. When are you looking at moving to Australia? I am in a similar situation but i don't actually start my Midwifery Training until September, so i will be in your shoes in 3 years time. My husband has a job lined up in Australia already and we would have moved next year if it wasn't for me getting into Uni this year. He is joining the Royal Australian Navy, which means that we go over as a family on a permanent resident visa and then 3 months later become Australian citizens. I am hoping that this will stand me in good stead when it comes to looking for a job as i won't have to jump through all the hoops that the visa application process seems to be. I know its 3 years off for me, but we are likely to move as soon as i have completed my 3 year course, so i will not have the opportunity to gain any newly qualified midwife experience in the UK. I'm really interested in this thread, as obviously i also would like to know or hear from newly qualified midwives who have managed to gain a job in Oz straight after finishing their degree in the UK. Does anyone know if this ever happens? Although my visa situation will be easier than some, i am worried how i will be able to gain experience as a newly qualified midwife when i get to Australia. I don't want my training to have been for nothing, but i also cant expect my husband to put his job off for a further year so that i can gain experience as a qualified midwife in the Uk before we go. Hoping someone out there may have moved to Australia as a newly qualified midwife and gained a job. We are looking at going to Sydney if that helps.
  4. Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone studying at university in the UK,has ever transferred to an Australian university, or have they had to start their degrees again? I have just found out that I've got a place at uni starting this sep in the UK to study midwifery. It's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works as this was my 4th year of applying (I'm a mature student) and although I can't wait to get started, my husband has recently applied to transfer his job over to Australia. If he manages to transfer his job, I would have one year at uni under my belt already. I am just wanting to explore avenues at the moment, and asking for advice from anyone that may have done this in the past. Hope someone out there will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That sounds quite positive. Keep us posted on how you get on.
  6. Thanks that's a good point. I will try emailing some of them. (By the way I used to live in the Netherlands too, my son was born there)
  7. Thanks for replying. I would be on a permanent resident visa. My hubby is joining the Australian Navy and we will be Australian citizens within 3 months of arriving. I am not too concerned at the moment about any fees that I may have to pay, I am just wondering if its possible to get into uni in Australia, having already completed one year of a degree, or would I have to go through the application process all over again to get into uni.
  8. Well I've spent the past week reading every post on this thread. Lots and lots of very useful information on here which we will take on board. Hubby has put his expression of interest in and we are going to take it from there. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Thank you for replying Ruby1. Any info is handy at the moment. It's a big decision isn't it, when they are getting such a good education here in the uk, but it's a question of weighing up quality time together too. At the moment they adore their school and are doing really well. The eldest is now 12 and our youngest is 6, we have 4 kids. Hoping that the decision to move down under will give us a better quality of life with the hope of us all being in one place together for a change. Hope life out there is treating you all well.
  10. Hi guys. we are in the very early stages of thinking of doing a lateral transfer to the RAN. My hubby has not yet put his expression of interest in, but is hoping too in the next few weeks. I have been trying do as much research as possible, but I have a question I am hoping some of you may be able to answer. our 2 eldest children are currently in CEA. Do any of you know if the RAN has a similar arrangement? Not too sure if there is more stability in the RAN than there is here in the UK for the children. Our usual over here is a draft every 2 years hence the decision to put them in CEA. Big decisions ahead!