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  1. Our 20ft container was £3700, we got a few quotes in, each one telling us they will price match. Container left last week :biggrin:
  2. Angie78

    eastern europe - warsaw

    Hubby and I did Poland, loved it. The old town is beautiful. We did the camps etc which was very heart breaking to walk around. You see films and pictures,but when you see it in real life its very emotional. I think they should send school kids on trips to the camps maybe make them understand a bit more instead off sending them on skiing holidays and Euro Disney.
  3. Oh you are having a time of it then. So is all the kids going now?? Your head must be turned with it all, I know mine is lol. Will be glad to be on that plane and just chill. Try and keep in touch :biggrin:
  4. Angie78

    Ping pong pom

    Hi, We are soon to be ping pong poms :biggrin: We went out in 2007 did 3 yrs, we loved Perth. Reason for coming back to sunny Belfast was that my dad was unwell, and i decided I wanted to go home so I could be with him and my family. My OH and kids were not to pleased with this, but it was my way or the high way. So home now for 3 yrs and although my dad is well again, I always missed Australia, we never settled back here. We were lucky enough we got a RRV for another 5 yrs and we are heading back in November. :wink: Good luck with what you decide. This will be our last move. We can just about afford this move back. :laugh:
  5. Hi bitza1984, Never heard of them sorry, I am using McGimpsey's in Bangor. Using them for they did a good job for me on my first move to Oz, and they got my stuff when we came back, so using them again, better the devil you know and all that. We are leaving for Perth in November, we love Perth think it's great, can't comment on the other states sorry. Good luck with the move. Let the adventure begin :biggrin:
  6. Well SadieBacon how are you doing???? My furniture leaves on the 7th October, so will be doing indoor camping for a few weeks lol Time is kicking me in the ass :wub:
  7. Angie78

    How much did everyone pay to ship their dog?

    Its costing us around £4100 and that's from Heathrow to Perth. On top of this we have to ferry him over from Belfast to the mainland for he is to big to fly from Belfast to London. So that will be more money. I have done all my own paper work and went to my own vets. Plus we just forked out $1200 for his Quarantine. So it going to cost us around £6000. Hubby and I having many arguments about this but he is part of our family, he his Australia born he came back with us from oz to the uk. Its been a very stressful few months, will be glad to get this all over with. The things we do for our pets we must be crazy :wacko:
  8. Yes I have had removals out. Just seeing who will now come in at the right price. I have finish all my wine now unto the Gin lol:eek: Just found out that dog will now be flying out 2 weeks before us, so now i need to try and get a long term rental like ASAP when we arrive. So first few days of landing in sunny Perth I will be driving around like a mad woman trying to get a long term let before big boy gets set free from doggy prison lol. OHHHHHHHHHHHH the stress :arghh:why I am doing this all over again lol. Sadie you will be well settled by the time I get over. Chilling with a nice bottle of wine. Oh and well done with the smoking, times like this I miss my smokes ( off them 4 yrs). Yep cheaper from Dublin for 3 adults and 1 child it was £1800. Wish the dog was costing that much lol. Anyway I all over with my sentences see how my head is pickled :chatterbox:
  9. Lol I could do with a fairygod mother. You are a brave lady leaving kids in charge of the house :huh: lol. No never stayed down at the Atrium in Mandurah. I go to bed with a list of things dream of a list of things and wake up with a list of things lol. So you are all set to leave very soon then? Maybe see you on the other side very soon :biggrin:
  10. Yep we just got a wee holiday let in Clarkson for 4 weeks. Hopefully we can arrange a long term rental within them 4 weeks, really looking at going SOR this time round. Still need to sort removals out, and daughter still trying with her driving hopefully fingers crossed she will get a test soon. I have really itching feet now, i just want to pack up and go now. I am not one for waiting lol. :biggrin:
  11. Maybe they not doing it any more, it was a few years back surely there is a place up North that can do it, instead of going over to England or Dublin. Like i said it was in Downpatrick hospital we got our xrays done then we seen a Private Doctor for the rest and it was all done on the same day. We ping ponging back so we lucky not to have to do that all again. Hopefully you can get sorted.
  12. Hey SadieBacon, good to see you are well. We are leaving 10th November. We got a really good price on tickets flying out from Dublin, a hell of a lot cheaper than flying from Belfast. I cant believe how quick its going in. My head is spinning with trying to get everything sorted, Dog,furniture etc etc, have you sorted out a short term rental yet?
  13. Hi Blazingmonkey we got our medicals done in Downpatrick.
  14. Yes you can I am bringing all my electrical goods
  15. Hi oz2014, This is my second time doing this, first time I did bring furniture out with me but also left a lot of stuff too. So this time round I am bringing everything with me. Stocking up at the min with new bedding ( expensive in oz ) and kids clothes etc. You will love it its a whole new adventure :biggrin: