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  1. After some advise please Is there any way somebody working in any of the following, would be able to get a skill visa into Australia - health & welfare service manager, mental health, support worker Thank you in advance guys
  2. Hey guys We are organising a large meet up in the swan valley for those who are interested Price is $150 (may be less if we get more people) 26th April 10-5 (pick up and drop off at train station) breweries, wineries and lunch included We actually organise regular meet ups so anyone looking to make some new friends we would love you all to join
  3. sjn87

    Subclass 820, travel?

    Hey guys probably posted before but I just can't find it ok so I'm currently on a subclass 300 and I think I have just read that once I move onto my 820 I can't leave? i got this below from the immi site, does it mean wahey you can stay or you can't leave? please explain The temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) lets you: stay in Australia until a decision is made about your permanent Partner visa
  4. Hey I'm SJ, 27 yrs old from Bedfordshire Iv just come back over to Perth and all my friends were on temp visas so have all left so I'm looking to meet some new fun people - girls, guys, couples. I'm into drinking, beaches, Bbqs, shopping, anything new anyone looking to meet some new people? Theres a group on Facebook if anyone wants to join its called poms in Perth - meet ups https://m.facebook.com/groups/1458581221059371
  5. sorry i havent been back on here in a while, since i got my grant iv been busy sorting flights and my life arghh haha im off to Perth on the 17th. just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you on here, you made the wait bearable and helped with all my silly questions. if anyone heads over to Perth and fancies meeting for a drink, BBQ etc then give me a shout Good luck to everyone else waiting
  6. haha oooo can you also help me with some ideas I need to be near a train line and i want something happening near me. Im thinking Subi, Vic park or Leederville but my partner is a bit keen on Wembley. Is Wembley any good?
  7. Cottloesloe is beautiful im also moving to Perth. I'm a city girl though so I'm heading for leederville or subi
  8. No grants today??? arghh I wanna book flights, coooome onnn haha
  9. sjn87

    Perth (like or dislike)

    Iv heard bad things but none of them. I lived in Perth for 6 months and im moving back there with my boyfriend. I hated the place, i honestly couldnt give you a nice word about the place but since iv been back in England and realised the green is greener, i cant wait to get back. My issue with perth was the lack of life, which now i can see i was making up in my head haha. My issue was alot of things close after 9pm, im used to late night shopping, mid night clubbing, and lots to do. Im from near London but when you compare England with Perth, your come to realise although you may be missing a few things, look at all the things you gain.