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    teenager in need of friends north Brisbane

    Ps. Yes mentioned it to a staff member at school, his head of year, but he wasn't any help, disappointed.
  2. TurnersInOz

    teenager in need of friends north Brisbane

    Thanks Elena, yes have been looking in to activities for him to join, but he's not a hugely sporty boy, but likes watching it more than playing. He's liking surfing and golf, not great team sports exploring more options though.
  3. TurnersInOz

    teenager in need of friends north Brisbane

    Hi, thanks, yes would be good to meet up. Let me know once your settled and have decided where to live in the mean time i hope your move goes well and you enjoy your first few weeks exploring oz. if there's anything you feel I could help you with don't hesitate to get on touch. Yvonne x
  4. Hi we moved to north lakes 2 month ago, we have 3 children, but our eldest, aged 13, nearly 14, is struggling to make friends. He's a normal, full of fun, friendly boy so not sure why? So was wondering whether there's anyone in the north lakes and surrounding areas with boys or girls of a similar age that might also appreciate an extra friend. I think if he could make a good friend or two it would make his settling a much more positive experience, but at the moment it's really getting to him thanks x
  5. TurnersInOz

    Redcliffe meetup

    Hi, welcome to Aus, hope your finding your feet ok? I live in north lakes, have been here 3 month, with my husband and 3 children aged 1, 6 and 13. What ages are yours? There,s a migrant bbq this sat at aurora boulevard park in north lakes at 2, very good way to meet people, I made a good few friends at the last one in July, which took place just a few weeks after we arrived.
  6. We're flying out to NZ next week for 4 nights, which will cover the 3 working days they need in the UK to process the visa.
  7. Both Team Edwards and I have brought our boys out on an e tourist visa, we both submitted in feb and received notification a few weeks ago that they are ready to be processed. They estimated 8-9 month, so sept/oct, which it was. They give you a year from when the child's meds were carried out, so if this was post July 2013 your trip back nest July should be OK. When I got my son's tourist visa I emailed CO all of the details before we left and kept her updated with contact details once we were here, which was fine
  8. TurnersInOz

    South - South-west Brisbane suburbs

    Advice taken, thank you
  9. TurnersInOz

    South - South-west Brisbane suburbs

    Thanks guys. I realise it's a bit vague, that's because we haven't got the faintest idea about South West Brisbane, but thinking anywhere that way is obviously better in terms of commuting that here in the north. The 2-3 hours commute every day is what were trying to avoid. His job is in Sumner.
  10. TurnersInOz

    South - South-west Brisbane suburbs

    Hi there My husband has been offered a job in South West Brisbane, we were planning on renting in North Lakes/mango hill, which is a largely modern development with just about everything a/my family could ask for: Parks Swimming complex westfields BMX ramps nice school with good reports reasonably flat for walking with pram and running beach close by (although not a surf beach) cycle tracks Large library gym/plenty of activity classes for the children easy access to the motor way and the future promise of an entertainment complex including cinema and restaurants I was wondering whether there may be a similar area on the south/south west side of Brisbane, I was thinking of pacific pines (GC), but that is a similar distance away to north lakes. Does anyone have any knowledge of similar suburbs that we can check out please, any information would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  11. TurnersInOz

    Removals insurance and one way travel insurance

    Thanks I checked them all out and decided on IYM
  12. TurnersInOz

    Car rental companies - Brisbane

    Just looking to book now, thank you very much for the info, much appreciated
  13. TurnersInOz

    Car rental companies - Brisbane

    thanks guys
  14. TurnersInOz

    Car rental companies - Brisbane

    Hi there. I'm looking to rent a car for a week or so when we arrive in Brisbane next month. Does anyone have any advice please on some good, inexpensive, car rental companies. The car will need to be quite large, as there's five of us, including 3 large suitcases and a pushchair! so any advise on a car that can squeeze us and our worldly possessions into would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance
  15. Hi there. We are about to make the big move a week on Sunday! I am currently looking into removal insurance to cover our shipping container whilst in transit and some one way travel insurance for our family of five. We're doing a couple of stopovers, for 3-4 nights each, on the way. I've looked at the older posts but was wondering if anyone has had recent quotes or advice on either of these issues that they are willing to share. I have been quoted £400 by our removal company to cover up to £20'000. Thanks in advance