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    13,moving to VIC

    i am 13 and moving to Melbourne. it is more than likely i will be moving to berwick areas. Firstly,i would like to know what year i will be in for school. If i move in the UK's summer i will be 14,so i dont know if i will be in year 9 or year 10. Secondly,i would just like to talk to some aged 12-15 who has experiences moving to Australia, so that it will help make me feel more confident and comfortable about making new friends and starting a new school etc. PLEASE reply!! thanks x
  2. n1amh

    said alot of farewells today - awful day

    hi, i'm 13 and my dad moved to VIC in late october 2012. he came home for christmas this year,it could possibly of been the last time he saw our family for a long time(besides skype etc). my uncle lives in WA,and he is mainly the reason we all want to move. it is for definite that me,my mam and brother are moving this summer, but my friends have been getting upset about it already. i am dreading my last day unbelievable amounts. it will be the hardest day of my life. i am already worried about having to join a new school and make new friends. i can guarantee it wont be easy. reading this from you has made me realise how big of a deal it is to actually move to the other side of the world. however,i hope you got to Australia safe and sound! always think of the benefits of moving to Australia,most british people would never move back to England! Enjoy AU xx