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  1. Thanks Mike for the info, very useful indeed. I looked up the Bupa Overseas Visitors cover and I think it is exactly what my folks are looking for. My parents thought the cover was quite reasonably priced and will cover them sufficiently for what they need whilst in Oz. Thanks again!! :-) Dougie
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if someone could answer a question on behalf of my mum and dad. I'll give a little background first, it may help....my sister and i are both PR visa holders for Oz, my sister emigrated oct 12 and I will go 16th april to Perth, WA. My parents will eventually apply for their CPV visa in Oct 14 once my sister has been there the 2 year settlement period, but in the meantime my mum and dad will visit us for extended periods until then. They will initially come for 9 months from april 13 - jan 14, the question they would like to ask is what is the best way to insure themselves for that time in oz, just normal travel insurance or is there other options? any help would be much appreciated!! Cheers
  3. doogeej

    Parent Visa options - HELP!

    Hi All, first post on here so please bear with me.....I’m actually looking for some advice regarding my parents, Quick overview...my sister and I are both Oz Permanent residency visa holders, my sister emigrated to Perth in October, I will emigrate also to Perth in April this year (cant wait). My parents would like to emigrate with me, but we believe the rules have changed re CPV ‘settlement period’ times and the Oz immigration are holding fast on the 2 year rule….we were intitially told (about 3 years ago..) by our migration agent that this 2 year rule was open to interpretation. Anyway, my sister emigrated in October 2012 to Perth (there is only me and my sister in the family) therefore it looks like we’d need to wait until October 2014 before my parents could apply for their CPV, would I be correct in my assumption there? In the meantime we’d like to have our parents with us in Oz for the maximum period allowed, we have been told that the 676 visa was the way to go but that they are now based on a 2/3 in 1/3 out rule…so… (apologies for the long windedness of this…)…..could my parents go in April this year with me on a 6 month long stay tourist visa, come home for 3 months, then go back out in January 2014 on a 12 month long stay tourist visa? The 12 month visa would take them to January 2015, and we’re hoping they could apply for their CPV in October 2014, and bridge their visa so they could stay with us in Oz for good? Is all that possible? Any advice is much appreciated Cheers
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    Parent Visa options - HELP!

    Hi lebourvellec, thanks for the reply. As much as it wasn't what I wanted to hear I appreciate it, and the rules are the rules :-( so, have you an idea of what our options might be? Our migration agent mentioned maybe going into oz in April for 8 months, home for 4 months then back to oz next April again for 8 months whereby they would apply onshore and bridge, but would the 8 month in oz option visa also have the 8503 no further stay condition apply to it? As you can maybe understand my sister and I really don't want our elderly parents here in Scotland when we are in oz, we would worry, so the minimum time option here would be favourable. Any help again would be much appreciated. Also, on a related note, does anyone have an idea how my parents coud best insure themselves when in oz? Again any help very much appreciated. Cheers Dougie