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  1. Quoll, cheers for the info, some great stuff there. We're coming over as PRs Visa 190.
  2. Myself and partner will be migrating from the UK to ACT hopefully by the end of 2016. We will have, by then, a two year old who we will need to start introducing to kindi/education. I have no idea about how schooling works in Australia and want to be fully prepared for our daughter's future: kindergarten fees, school fees, subsidies, starting age, location catchment etc... Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey Thanks for the message. Hope it all goes great for you. You'll have to let me know how the inner north is. We're flying out for 3 weeks on 19th May. We'll be visiting Sydney and Melbourne (Parents) but hoping to get through to Canberra around the 30th May for a mooch around the burbs. We'll keep in touch and may catch up for a brew in May?
  4. Well Hi Bex Yeah very similar. My mother, partner and sister live in Sydney and father, wife and two brothers live in Melbourne. Unfortunately we can't bunk with either for too long as our visas are 190 (state sponsored) so we are bound to live and work in ACT. We're flying out for 3 weeks this May to sus out some things then returning to UK with intent of moving permanently as soon as the house sells. Everything is revolving around 'the house'! the amount of funds we'll have, depending on what it sells for and time scale for the move, depending on when it sells. Good luck to you too. Might be nice to meet up for a bit of moral support. Bex
  5. Thanks for your replies Quoll. What's a "bingle"? lol
  6. Wow Slean, what a reply, very informative. There's a lot to go on there so thank you very much. We've been looking at available ICT jobs and need to get some info regarding level 1 & 2 clearances. Most jobs require these clearances which, like you say are for citizens only, leaving not a lot of availability! We will have a car as kindly given by my dad & step mam who live in Melbourne so would like to know if and where traffic would be a burden if we moved 'outer'?
  7. Thanks for your reply. DH has no pre planned job. We will try and secure one before we arrive but at the moment all locations are options. We're prepared for costs to settle but hoping to retain as much as possible for long term and property purchase, hence hoping for a non expensive but suitable and comfortable short term home.
  8. Myself and partner are in our mid 30s with a, currently 5 month old baby. We've just received our 190 visa and clueless of where to move to in ACT, despite reading up on the suburbs....there are just too many! My partner is the main applicant and was sponsored as 'ICT Support Engineer'. We will have a vehicle to get around but arriving with minimal funds. We would like somewhere reasonably priced, that is safe and suitable for our age group with a young baby for at least a few months until employment is found. Any advice would be appreciated. Contacts/associates/friends to gain and meet up with also would be nice Bex