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  1. Dear Experts / Friends, Good day. We have a situation and kindly seeking some advise 1. We've applied for Citizenship application ~8 months back. As per the current processing times, looks like it will take ~23 months 2. We're a family of 3 and our PR (189) expired (I mean the expiry date) few months back and hence need to apply for RRV as we have a need to travel out of Australia for a very brief time (Personal and not business related). Question Is the travel fine? (~2 months). Hope the travel doesn't affect the citizenship application Thanks!
  2. Dear Friends, We were considering on moving near Mount/ Glen Waverley - don't know anyone in the suburbs yet and hence reaching out here. Pls provide any feedback - have heard feedback that these suburbs are good for Primary schools (especially Public/ Govt). The websites found on google seem to be outdated. Thanks
  3. australia12345

    Elderly parent Visa

  4. australia12345

    Elderly parent Visa

    Dear Experts, I will always be thankful to this forum for the generous and friendly advise. Need some inputs/ guidance on 1. How to apply for parents Visa - My father recently expired and hence want to get my mother.2. What kind of Visa should I apply for? 3. Documents checklist guidanceI am a Permanent resident Visa holderKind regards
  5. australia12345

    Secondary can make first entry before Primary?

    Thanks Guys for this ! Much appreciated
  6. Dear Experts, Posting this on behalf of my friend, kindly let me know: **************** I was the primary when we applied for the PR visa .My IMMI Grant notification says that "Must Make First Entry to Australia Before XX April 20XX". The same date is reflected for the Secondary Applicant as well. We are planning to travel in the next 2 weeks. Please confirm if the secondary applicant can travel first to Australia before the primary and then the primary travels a few days after that. I would be traveling with a 2 years old baby and my husband would like to travel first and arrange for the accommodation before we land. ****************
  7. australia12345

    SI 189 - Query on Medicals (Partner, Pregnancy)

    Any responses please?
  8. Dear Moderators, Reaching out to you guys again at an important juncture: I've got an invite for 189 SI and have made the VISA fee payment - the site now shows up links for uploading ALL the relevant documents (Passport, Skill assessment, IELTS etc.) I need to defer uploading my wife's documents since she's in her 8th month of pregnancy - so she has to go for her Medicals 5-6 weeks from now after the baby is born In this regard, 1 question to the Experts: Should I indicate change of circumstance (Form 1022) to the Immigration/ CO after the baby is born or now itself - mentioning that there will be a delay in uploading the documents related to my partner Thanks a lot Kind regards, Pat
  9. australia12345

    189 Invite - Query on dependants

    Thanks a ton! Most appreciated. Whenever I've needed any help - this site & the moderators/ experts are most helpful. Thank you
  10. australia12345

    189 Invite - Query on dependants

    Dear lebourvellec, Quick question: I'm in the final page (Payment screen) and the payment obviously shows VISA fees for 1. Primary (myself) 2. Spouse (dependent) Since I cannot add the child details now, presume I can pay the Child's VISA fees once the CO is allotted. Hope this situation is fine? Thank you
  11. australia12345

    After Grant

    Dear Experts, Posting this thread on my friends behalf. The Grant letter he received a few months back says that “Must Make First Entry to Australia Before 18 April 2014” . Question: 1) Please confirm if there is any other restrictions on this date (ie PCC or medical dates should be done again before entering if it is 6 months old ) 2) Also do I need to do anything else now other than booking my tickets
  12. australia12345

    189 Invite - Query on dependants

    Thanks a ton for the quick response! Kind regards
  13. australia12345

    189 Invite - Query on dependants

    Dear Experts, Just received an invite for 189. Had 1 query & hope the experts would show some light: 1. My wife became pregnant recently (after I lodged my EOI & before I got my invite) - hence asking if I should put dependent details now while lodging the VISA application? (obviously cannot add the child details since it's unborn) Section in the VISA application: Migrating family members Are there any migrating family members included in this application? 2. Dilemma I have is should I say "YES" or "NO" in the application. Can I say "NO" & get my wife & child after I land in Australia? Note: I'm also going through the site http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/including-family-members and presume I should fill in Form 1022 to indicate change of circumstances. Appreciate any help on this! Kind regards, Pat
  14. australia12345

    Query regarding 189 (EOI)

    Dear Experts, Any inputs please? Thanks much
  15. australia12345

    Query regarding 189 (EOI)

    Dear Experts, Greetings. I just got ACS confirmation *Thanks to the ACS authority*. I have my IELTS exam 2 weeks from now. 1. Is it OK to apply for EOI (Expression of Interest) for 189 before writing IELTS as I already have the mandated 60 points? 2. Can I update my IELTS score later to them once I get my IELTS score? Any pointers is most appreciated. Kind regards, Pat