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    Six months here and this is my thoughts!

    Exactly, that's my point!
  2. douglashv

    Six months here and this is my thoughts!

    Are you sure you came to the right place for you?
  3. Hi guys, I dont know if I am allowed to post this here, but this may help someone to earn some dollars. I am looking for someone with a car that can give me a lift from bayswater to st kilda rd (in melbourne) at midnight monday-friday. We can discuss the rate that serves well for both of us. PM Cheers, Doug.-
  4. douglashv

    3 Weeks after our arrival in Melbourne

    Thank you so much Gbye grey sky !!! ... I think that it was my studying for my IELTS test and the preparation of my CDR's that helped me to improve my writing in English however, I am sure that I need to practice my speaking, and I am confident that being involved in this culture is going to help me a great deal. Awesome recommendation starlight7 ... I am going to add Doongalla in my bucket list ...
  5. Hi, Well, it's been 3 weeks now since our arrival in Melbourne. We did a lot of things after our arrival to set us up: bank accounts, medicare, tfn, forklift licence, rsa and rsf certificates, etc... we arrived with our PR visas. After our arrival we stayed in Footscray, in a small but comfortable place we booked using airbnb, but after 4 days we secured a room through Facebook, and now we are living in st kilda rd with another couple from Venezuela. The atmosphere in the CBD is quite cosmopolitan and modern, there is a mix of cultures perfectly blended, it's like New York but with less people and cars. We really enjoyed getting lost in the city, and we found a hidden lane full of hidden-like coffee shops and bakeries. The smell of coffee in the air is amazing. During the second week I got a couple of calls, I went to an interview for a perfect position given my degree (chemical engineering) and background but didn't get the job, they did give me an excellent feedback which I asked for and it is really going to help me in the future, but 2 days later, I secured a job as a machine operator in bayswater (quite far from where we live at the moment), but the pay is good and it helps us to not spend all of our savings. My wife is going to start her amep course in Holmesglen (English is our second language), she sat for a test and they placed her in the second level, which is going to start in mid april. She is looking for a casual job as a cleaner, dishwasher or babysitter, she is sending resumes and received some calls, but employers are asking for the medicare card which hasn't arrived in yet by mail, so if any of you need any help with some cleaning, babysitting, etc. my wife is more than happy to help you out, just send me a PM to discuss, we speak Spanish and my wife can help you if you want to practice some of your Spanish. So far so good, everything is much better than we expected. The aussie accent is hard to understand, but we are getting up to speed and our listening is improving a lot. Getting here was a long journey that started in 2010 when we took the decision. But now, we can look back and just say: it is really worth it! Cheers, Douglas.-
  6. douglashv

    Is Adelaide a good place for Chemical Engineering?

    Thank you Mattfinn.. I will contact you!
  7. Hi guys, Should I use moneycorp to transfer funds from my Bank of America account? Is it worth using it for funds in USA? The thing is, wouldn't I be loosing to fees transferring the funds from my USA bank account to my moneycorp account based in United Kingdom? Saving those fees would equal for a direct transfer from USA to OZ? Does anyone have an experience on this that could share with us. Thanks in advance!
  8. douglashv

    Gift for my wife?

    Nice suggestion!!! It looks amazing for our second date ehhehe
  9. douglashv

    Gift for my wife?

    I came across the degustation dining at eureka89 (the views of Melbourne CBD are amazing from that restaurant on top of the Eureka Skydeck), they offer this: http://eureka89.com.au/degustation-dining-at-eureka/ Is this too over the top or the prices are right? Is there a better deal out there? even though our finances will be tight after our arrival due to not having jobs lined up and savings are tight, I really want to impress my wife on her first birthday in Oz after our arrival. I know she loves food and fancy dining. Can I pick your brains on this?
  10. Hi guys, I recently opened an account with moneycorp and they currently quote me an exchange rate of 1.1874 (AUD/USD) for a USD 10,000 transfer when I log in. But usforex quote 1.2007 giving me AUD 133 more. https://www.usforex.com/customer-rates Now I dont know what to do... both of them do not charge a transaction fee for this amount. I know that moneycorp is a sponsor of PIO, but it looks like usforex is offering a better deal now which could be more beneficial after a couple of transfers (I intent to do 2 or 3 more in the future)... any recommendations on this? Thank you in advance! Doug.-
  11. douglashv

    Gift for my wife?

    Thank you all so much for your replies... I can't believe how cynical I was. You are totally right, giving her a gift like those would definitely destroy her... Now I am thinking on taking her to a good restaurant or maybe take her for a picnic in a cool spot. Thank you again!!!!
  12. douglashv

    Gift for my wife?

    Hello everyone!... My wife and I will arrive at Melbourne on 12 March 2015 at 6:30pm... We are really happy with the move from Venezuela. My wife's birthday is on 21 March, and I would like to give her something special. I know that she will be quite depressed that day missing her family, dogs and friends back in Venezuela. What would be a good present to cheer her up? I was thinking on recording a video with her family and friends wishing her a happy birthday and telling how much they love her... Maybe a picture (collage) with writings of her family and friends? Any other cool idea? Thanks! Doug.-
  13. douglashv

    Migrating in 2015 anyone?

    Look up if you need a transit visa in abu dhabi, I think you need one if you are staying in transit for over 4 hours.
  14. douglashv

    Migrating in 2015 anyone?

    We will arrive at Melbourne on 12 March 2015 with a 189 PR visa. Extremely excited! I already presented my resignation at work and will commit my entire time to plan our move. Can't wait to be there and continue this journey that started on 2010 when we took our decision of migrating from Venezuela!
  15. douglashv

    Monthly Expenses - Excel Spreadsheet shared

    Car Registration Thank you for your input... Several people have told me that the minimum salary for an Engineer should be close to 60K... Honestly I am aiming at 60K-80K, but due that English is my second language and a lack of local experience I will get anything below those figures just to start. DH.-