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    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    I am in a very difficult situation. Been trying to register with AHPRA since December 2013. Reading this thread as a DipHE nurse i am now wondering if I will get registered. We have flights booked to Perth WA, accommodation, dog booked in quarantine, Ive left work and all set to go. never thought would have this problem registering. can anyone tell me if there is healthcare assistant work available near Rockingham or Perth as this looks like it is going to be my only option for now. I now have to decide if it is feasible for me to emigrate after everything we have done to get this far as its not just me its hubby and 2 kids too
  2. please can anyone clarify. to get 5 points I need to work for 3 years over 20 hours a week on a contract. I have worked as a nurse 22 hours a week sometimes extra on a contract for the last 4 years. is the three years experience needed for points based on full time hours as I was told on my ANMAC skills assessment that my work would only count for approx 18 months. does anyone know how this is calculated, is full time 35 or 37.5 hours a week? and how I can calculate how many more months I would need to work for to be considered the equivalent of 3 years full time? thanks:biggrin:
  3. tweeniegirl

    practice nursing

    we are thinking of applying for a visa. i currently work as a practice nurse in a gp surgery in uk. im looking for any advice/info! does anyone know what the oppertunities are for doing a similar job in oz or best locations to look for work? i would be prepared to do almost any nursing job although would be prefer to stay in similar role to practice nursing. any pointers on where to start would be gratefully received!!!