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    In my recent correspondence with my CO, I was informed that the Immigration office is currently granting visas for those applications lodged in January. Mine was submitted in February and I was told that it could potentially be granted by the end of this month or end of september at the latest! Such a nervous wait as my wedding is in October and obviously I also have to fly back and forth from Oz to validate the visa once it has been granted! Fingers crossed!
  2. cookieh


    It might be worth having a chat with your CO regarding your wedding date and what can be done so you can continue the process and also go ahead with your arranged wedding. It is compulsory to include your wedding date as part of your application so they will be aware of it. I was told that even if we got married before the visa ia granted, it wouldnt alter the process and we could continue. This could also be the case for you? Where do you intend on getting married?
  3. cookieh


    Hiya, I sent my application in February, I have a CO but she has informed me that the visa process is 8-9 months. My wedding is already organised for October so its cutting it close but the CO said that if we get married before the visa is granted then they will be able to change the status on the visa and continue the process as normal. Quick question, I know you have to be offshore when the visa is granted but if I tell my CO that I will be going to Oz, will she let me know in advance of it being granted so i can leave the country? H x
  4. cookieh

    Case Officer- Do they email you?

    Hiya, I submitted an application for the Prospective marriage visa (subclass 3000). The lead time for approval is still 8-9 months but I got my case worker pretty quickly!
  5. cookieh

    Case Officer- Do they email you?

    I submitted my application on February 12th and on February 19th I recieved an email letting me know I now have a case worker and also requesting additional info. I was unsure about what she needed so I called her and she seemed pleasant enough...if not still a little stern in her approach!
  6. Hi Snifter, Thanks for your response. According to my case worker, from the brief conversation that we had, if we do get married before my visa is granted (which based on these timescales is now likely) then i have to notify them and they will change the status and continue as originally planned to grant the visa. She said I must stay offshore until the visa is granted. We are getting married on the 10th October. Everything has already been arranged, in order to even qualify for this visa- we had to provide proof of our wedding date etc so it had to be set. We did consider getting married and then flying me over on a tourist visa but because we have never lived together, applying for a partner visa requires A LOT more evidence which we wouldnt be able to provide so we thought this was the safest route. We currently have no shared bank accounts or tenency agreements etc so for the spouse visa we wouldnt have enough evidence for what is requested. Now that the process has started I guess there is no going back and we will just have to deal with it! It's certainly not ideal though. I am hoping that in some kind of miracle it will be approved sooner rather than later! Also what is the protocol when contacting the case worker as I don't want to hassle her on what may seem like basic stuff (not so basic for me though obviously!) Thank goodness for this forum!
  7. Hiya, So I have submitted my Prospective marriage visa application (subclass 300) and today recieved confirmation of my case worker. She stated that it would take 8-9 months for the visa to potentially be granted. My issue is that my wedding is in October (so literally 8 months away). She said that if i got married BEFORE the visa was granted, i would have to inform them and they would change it to a spouse visa. I'm slightly confused as will this mean I will have to start the process again? I was hoping to return to Australia with my partner once we are married but I assume this would mean I would have to wait in the UK until the visa is granted. Also, one of the terms of the prospective marriage visa is that you must enter australia, before you ahve been married on this visa to validate it. What if i am granted the visa too close to the wedding and I am unable to fly? Has anyone else suffered this predicament? Help! Honestly, a wedding is stressful enough to plan- all this visa stuff is driving me insane! Thank you in advance!
  8. cookieh

    Am I wasting my time?

    I am moving to Melbourne in October. I am utterly terrified about leaving my life behind but in a way I dont have a choice. I am marrying an aussie and we have decided to start our live out there. Your opinions are realistic and valuable for people like me who dont expect sun, sea and surfboards as an instant lifestyle. With anywhere in the world there are positives and negatives, I could name a million things I dislike about London but I still love it here. Kepp posting, this is an open forum and you are a valued opinion.
  9. Hi Guys, It would be great to hear from anyone who has also lodged their Prospective marriage Visa (subclass 300) offshore and get a better idea of timelines. February 12th 2013- Lodged my application (everything expect for police and medical checks as I was advised this would be requested by the CO later) February 14th - Payment taken from my credit card. I believe it is now a 10 day wait to be assigned a case officer and then a much longer wait until the visa is potentially approved. Is anyone else doing this at around the same time as me? My wedding is in October this year, praying it comes through pretty swiftly!! Thanks H x
  10. Hiya, I know it seems like ages away but I will be moving to Melbourne in October. Would be great to meet up and also hear how you get on when you first get out there. I'm really scared of leaving my life and having no friends (sounds sad i know!) Good Luck!
  11. cookieh

    Suggestion for a frustated,panic person

    I always find diagrams/ visuals are a great way to show what you do and allow the other person to understand it. How about taking some pictures of what you assemble and showing how you put it together or creating a flow chart describing the process you use? Fingers crossed it works out for you!
  12. AMAZING! Thank you so much for your help Also, one last thing, I know they say that you dont need to complete your character (police) check or health check prior to lodging the application as the CO will inform when they need this but would it be a problem to send it along with the application if i have time to get the docs?
  13. cookieh

    Gotta be close now

    When did you submit your application? I'm really hoping for an easy breezy process so I hope it means you will be granted your visa soon!!
  14. I was planning on sending by courier as we need to include passport sized pictures and certified copies of everything. Did you apply offshore too? I dont have a migration lawyer, we are doing it ourselves *stress!*
  15. This may sound like a basic question but I am about to lodge the application for my Fiance Visa. I have all relevant documents and a whole bunch of supporting information such as a slideshow full of photos, skype call logs etc- this has all been printed out. What is the easiest way to submit the documents so the authorities can easily process it all? As in, should I have a folder for all my things and a seperate folder for the sponsor documents? Show I include the checklist? Do i need original photographs or will the printed copies do? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks x