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  1. Carlisle Chick

    Can you get into uni in the uk after being in Oz for 12years

    Thank you, Scotland is close so also an option
  2. Just wondered if anyone know if I was to move back would my son be able to go to uni over there?
  3. Carlisle Chick

    Feeling lonely in need of buddies

    Hi Tracey im about 20minutes from you in Crestmead. Pm me if you fancy meeting for coffee. julie
  4. Carlisle Chick

    Meet new ladies south east brisbane

    HI Mariewellu, I live in Crestmead, so not to far from you. Im also at home through the day and would love to meet for coffee and a chat. I look forward to hearing from you. Julie
  5. Carlisle Chick

    Urgent...Will rheumatoid diseases affect the immigration?

    They may just say you need private healthcare. Don't give up trying I say. I have lupus witch is also an autoimmune disease, but I was diagnosed in Oz. i do think they are more concerned with contagious diseases or that you will cost Medicare too much. That's where private healthcare will help. good luck
  6. Carlisle Chick

    School change over

    School does start at the end of January in qld. Getting in States schools shouldn't be a problem as long as your in the catchment area. Private schools will depend on an exam.
  7. Carlisle Chick

    How do you cook your steak?

    I cook all my steaks and other meat on my optigrill perfect every time, however you want it cooked. you can even cook the meat from frozen.
  8. Carlisle Chick

    Brisbane state high entrance exams

    She shouldn't need to sit an exam for state schools only for the private schools
  9. Hi, I've been in Oz for 9years, but moved about a bit. I'm 40 married with a 14year old son. I would love to make more friends to have a network like in the UK. I'm free for morning coffee and shopping trips
  10. Carlisle Chick

    Furnishing a place on a tight budget

    There a few sites on Facebook, the ones I'm on are Bid, buy and sell Logan andBuy swap sell Brisbane,Logan,Gold Coast, Sunshine coast, Ipswich. Redlands add your self for approval before you arrive. The weekend Shopper in Saturdays Couier Mail is good too.
  11. Carlisle Chick


    My son had braces fitted here in Brisbane about 8months ago at the cost of $4500, you can pay by interest free installments. Its worth paying it in the one finacial year as you can claim back 20% after the first $2000. You can save any other medical reciepts aswell to get the extra from those.