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  1. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Thanks everyone will keep you posted
  2. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Tha n
  3. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Hi Skellysgirl Thanks I started doing that last night, making a list last night so will put it all onto a chart and try to build some sort of timeplan. I have no doubt I am capable of doing it, it is just a case of being organised and at first delving into it, it all seems very daunting. Are you applying for 190? Where about? Jolene
  4. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Does anyone know how long the visa takes and how long you have to enter county if it is granted ?
  5. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Many thanks guys, on further delving it seems so much more complicated. Its no it so much what I have to do it us timing it just right, financially too because we need the money together. It seems for ACT 190 Ilets isn't needed, but I am now worried that I am completely getting it wrong and cannot afford to mess this up. Can I ask Henrik7, which agent are you using? We want to start asap but its going to take us a good 4 or 5 months to get the money together with an agent. I am pretty good at form filling etc but as it is a once in a lifetime chance I am not sure the risk is worth it.
  6. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Hi all I am new to this so please be gentle My husband and I are applying for ACt 190 visa, my occupation and Marketing and Communications Officer is limited. I have read all the information regarding the visa and was hoping for a bit of clarification on a few things: Firstly I have to get my VETASSESS and seek verification for my occupation, pretty straight forward. No more than 30 days after I have to apply for ACT Nomination at the cost of 300AUSD, do I then have to apply for a visa? The guidelines seem to end here and talk about settlement so I am confused as agents I have spoken to have all quoted a visa cost of 3060AUSD?? One more question regarding ilets, if you have a British passport you don't have to complete the test but it then doesn't say how many points you are awarded with. Any help would be useful as we are trying to save money going it alone. Thanks, Jo
  7. joleene

    Which visa is right for me?

    I am really seeking some sort of help! I have contacted numerous agencies and each one has told me that I am eligable for a different visa, hence I am comletely confused as to who is telling the truth. This is my situation: I am 33 years old and an experienced (10 years plus) Marketing Specialist (currently on the CSOL) My husband is a pub manager We have 2 children. My husbands sister is a PR of Brisbane, post code 4020. I have a bachelor of science degree in Psychology and a Professional Postgraduate Marketing Diploma. We wish to move to Australia, but are prepared to go on a long temporary visa (although I have been told that I will have to pay for schooling if I go on a temporary basis). Does anybody out there know the ins and outs of these visas that can advise me, I have tried to understand it myself but am still confused. I want to go with an agency but as they are all giving me different advise I dont know who is right and who is spinning me a yarn so to speak. We are saving a lot of money to go and dont want to waste any on an agent who has given us the wrong information. HELP :-)
  8. joleene

    Which type of visa???

    Help....I have been given so much conflicting information by a number of migration experts. I am a Marketing Specialist with over 8 years experience and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. My husbands sister is a PR of Australia, residing in Redcliff, Brisbane, postcode 4020. I have been told I qualify for a 489 Visa by one migration expert, but another has told me I don't and only qualify for an ACT 190, and another saying I qualify for a 457 Long Stay Temporary Business Visa....I am so confused and this is obviously mnaking me very dubious about migration experts. I ideally would like to be with my sister in law as this is a base for us and she will offer lots of support. Can anybody help...PLEASE