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  1. kirksummers

    Moving to oz while still working for UK company in Qatar

    OK Thank you Bungo This is the kind of information I was needing to know I will follow your advice and speak to an accountant and aim to get paid to my Australian account (and pay Australian tax) immediately upon arriving there Regards, Kirk
  2. kirksummers

    Moving to oz while still working for UK company in Qatar

    Thank you for your responses I am currently a UK tax payer, I do not pay any tax to Qatar as I am just working there, travelling back to UK on my time off I aim to work for this UK company while living in Australia, flying from Australia to Qatar for my work. At first I would continue to pay UK tax I guess, until I transfer my pay to my Australia bank account as soon as possible I am aware of the restrictions regarding being in/out of the country when applying for citizenship, nearer that time I could easily have an Australian employer, working in Australia, so hopefully should be no issue there Any more information and thoughts really appreciated, keep it coming Best regards, Kirk
  3. hello all at pomsinoz here is my situation, any inforamtion and advice on this greatly appreciated! i am soon to be getting my 189 visa, my family and i intend to move over to perth around January 2016 i currently work for a UK company but actualy always work in Qatar when we move to oz in January i am hoping to continue working in Qatar for the UK comapny, is this ok? i could continue to get paid in to my UK account and transfer the money to oz, but eventually get paid in to my oz account direct once i have everything set up, is this also ok? thanks in advance for any help on this! kind regards, kirk
  4. hello all at pomsinoz we are moving to oz in 6 months approx and we will be renting a house for the first couple of years what is the standard contract length for a rental in wa? its normally 6 months in the uk any help on this appreciated thanks, kirk
  5. hello all at pomisoz i have recently applied and paid for in full my 189 visa for myself, my wife and 2 daughters we are/was very close to booking our medical checks, but we now think my wife is pregnant! so we/my wife can not complete the medical checks due to this my big question is...... is it ok to postpone the health checks for 10 months approx and also add the new arrival on to our 189 visa application once he/she arrives??? any help on this matter greatly appreciated regards, kirk summers
  6. hello I have just applied and paid for my 189 visa on my immi account it now says in the actions section to upload documents like police checks, health checks, ielts, skiils assessment etc etc, but it only says recommended next to them, not required, so do I go ahead and book these checks and get them uploaded asap or do I wait for them to tell me when to get the checks? any help on this greatly appreciated regards, kirk summers
  7. kirksummers

    189 Visa - Spouse Language Requirement

    hi there I have just applied for my 189 visa and paid for it, for myself my wife and 2 daughters under 18 I didn't think my wife needed to do ielts? we are both English, I am the main applicant and I have passed my ielts with 8.5 overall am I right or wrong in thinking my wife doesn't need t do ielts??? thanks, kirk
  8. Hello all at pomisoz Are ImmiAccount and Skillselect 2 seperate accounts? as I have been invited to apply for my 189 visa but I am having major trouble accessing my skillselect account to apply for it, when I attempt to log in it just takes me back to the home page, I can log in to my immiaccount but it has nothing about my 189 visa on there, my 60 days to apply are slowly but surely running out any help on this greatly appreciated thanks, kirk summers
  9. hello all at pomsinoz I am in the process of applying for my 189 visa, I have been invited to apply there is myself, my wife and my 2 daughters I believe it takes about 6 - 9 months to get visa accepted then you get a year to go over to oz to validate the visa if in this year and 6/9 months we have another baby so there is actually 5 of us rather than 4 how does this affect the visa? any help on this greatly appreciated regards, kirk summers
  10. haha yes i admit it would be a bit of a killer to turn around and fly back straight away, we would have a family holiday though if we was to do ozmaniacz's suggestion! if i wasnt to accept this invitation of 189 visa at the minute and re-apply in a couple of years, does it go against you when you re-apply because i have already had an invitation that i didnt take up??? thanks, kirk
  11. brilliant!!! thankyou so much for all this info ozmaniac!!! last couple of questions i promise........... 1. once i have been granted my 189 visa, how long do i have to go over to oz to validate the visa? 2. the 189 visa is going to cost me around £4000, do i have to pay the full amount on application of the visa? thanks again for all the info....i really appreciate it!!! regards, kirk
  12. really appreciate that advice, its got me thinking totally different about my whole situation and i am going to try and do what you have suggested ozmaniac does it not matter how long i am out of the country after validating to near the 5 years? i thought i had to be in the country mainly and working in the country in those 5 years? thankyou, kirk
  13. hello all how long does the invitation to lodge a Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) visa application last??? as we was hoping to move this year but due to a few reasons it is going to be more like 3 years, will the invitation still be valid then? or will i have to re-apply? thankyou for any help on this regards, kirk summers
  14. hello all I passed my skills assessment with vetassess last year, we was planning on moving out to oz this year, but due to circumstances, we are now looking to go over in 3 years, will my skills assessment still be valid? I hope I would not have to do it again, is there an expiry date if not used for a long period? thankyou for any help regards, kirk summers
  15. kirksummers

    how to raise my EOI???

    Hello all at pomisoz i have passed my ielts (8.5 overall) and my skills assessment with vetassess (plumber general), i am now in a position to raise my EOI (189 & 190) how do i do this and is there 1 way of doing it or many? i.e what website to do it through? i appreciate any help on this regards, kirksummers