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  1. 50 minutes ago, Cal2 said:

    yes I get that - but you're a UK citizen or the citizen of another country, so how does that stand legally?


    as I say Im just curious as no-one seems to know.


    and yes I know you just apply under the 3 month exemption etc

    Legally, it’s your country of residency that counts, not your citizenship. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, IMA said:

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to attach documents to our application and I'm getting a message saying that,

    "In line with the department's requirements, the document provided has been converted to an acceptable format that now appears as displayed below. Confirm that the image and any text displayed is clear for the department to use in identifying the applicant.
    Each page within the provided PDF file has been converted to a separate JPG image. "
    All my files are .pdf format and not encrypted. I'm not sure why. Has anyone else had the same experience and how did you over come that issue?
    Appreciate your help.

    So, what's the problem?  Are you saying that the JPG image does not display?

  3. 7 hours ago, Sarah_Cor said:

    That’s ok! I’ll let you know when my partner receives his back to give you an idea of timescales . We’re looking at the 189 and Queensland. 

    He has his PTE English test booked for 29th May, so hoping the results for that and the AIQS come back at a similar time so we can get our EOI off as soon after that as possible. Hoping (potentially optimistically) for early next year to be moving out. 

    How about yourself? 

    You know you’ll probably need 100 points?

  4. 14 minutes ago, andrewfx said:

    Okay thanks for those recommendations. 
    As I mentioned in my first post it’s likely we wouldn’t move for another 2-4 years. My partner is finishing up university and has to do a pharmacy pre reg year in the UK first. I simply posted here to get an idea of working life in the IT industry in Aus vs UK. I’m not currently looking for a job, just researching. 

    The whole visa process takes about a year. Then you just have to make an activation visit - literally one day if you want but most would do a short holiday. You then have a window of about 5 years to make the permanent move. 

    Competition for visas is always fierce even for highly qualified professionals. The only thing you can predict about visas is that Australia closes its doors a little bit more every year. So don’t delay even if you’re not ready to move, because you may find you miss out altogether 

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  5. 4 hours ago, andrewfx said:

    I have seen down under centre mentioned online by a few people, just wondering if anyone here has used them? I think it will be worth speaking to them closer to the time, especially since at the moment visas are hard to get due to covid. 

    I would go to Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda rather than Down Under. 

    Whst do you mean by ”closer to the time”?  If you want to migrate permanently, then you normally have to get the visa sorted first. The process takes about a year, so no point getting a job first, because no employer is going to wait that long.

  6. 1 minute ago, NShah said:

    @Marisawright - I wasn't aware it was that long as I've been advised it takes 4 to 5 years which is line with what is published in the departments website. 

    The website is misleading.   That figure is not a prediction.    What it means is,  "the applications we are processing today, were submitted 4 or 5 years ago".  However since then, there has been a huge increase in applications.

    Currently there are over 55,000 applications already in the queue.  They grant a very small quota every year - around 5,000.  They have no plans to increase that quota.  It's easy to do the calculation.

    Sadly, there are unscrupulous agents who will tell you the 4/5 year figure is correct because they want to get your money.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Bobj said:

    AIR CONDITIONING, dear girl, it is in all  the major cities

    Yes, it is.   But I very rarely need to use it in Melbourne and I wonder if Toots even has it.  

    Air conditioning makes unpleasant heat bearable,  IF you don't mind being stuck indoors all the time.  Personally, I'd rather just not live in the unpleasant heat in the first place.

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  8. @andrewfx, I suggest you take Jetblast's advice seriously.   Melbourne does have some IT jobs but Sydney has far more opportunities.   However, both are very expensive places to live compared to the rest of Australia, so if you are worried about affordability, I suggest you look elsewhere. 

    Also, worth noting that Melbourne is probably not the vision you've got in your head of Australia.   We often see cruise ship passengers, looking bemused under their umbrellas, wondering where the gorgeous sunny weather and long sandy beaches are.   Don't get me wrong, I love living in Melbourne, but it's the least Australian of all the capital cities, I think (except Canberra!).

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  9. 17 minutes ago, Bobj said:

    Have been going to the Darwin for over 50 years and could quite easily live there...only in Mendil Beach, city wise. Love Durack and have caught barramundi in the golf course ponds! Girraween, Howard Springs, Berry Springs and Coolalinga are a bit far out but very liveable and have stayed at those places.

    As for the high temps and humidity, air conditioning, it’s everywhere, as with all Australian cities.

    Not Melbourne or Hobart.   And even in other cities, it's a matter of degree.     The distance from Darwin to Adelaide is further than the distance from London to Barcelona.  To claim there's not much difference in weather over that distance is nonsensical.  

    I can't cope with humidity.   I can live very comfortably in Victoria or Tassie.  Even SA because the heat is dry.  Haven't been in Perth in high summer so can't comment.  I can even put up with Sydney heat for a while.  But a Darwin summer would make me physically ill. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Rallyman said:

    My reply was to s713 saying 95% of over 50’s have taken up the vaccination, imho this is not the case , maybe s713 is stating about uk not Australia , it’s not clear ??

    That must be the UK because the 50-70 age group can't even get vaccinated yet in Australia unless they're a frontline worker. Opens in May.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Parley said:

    In VIctoria you can go and get vaccinated as an over 50 from May 3rd.

    They are concerned about the low turn outs. I think many like us don't really trust AZ and are waiting for Pfizer.

    If they’re concerned about low turnout, maybe they should’ve be advertising it better. I haven’t seen any publicity about it anywhere

  12. 18 minutes ago, ramot said:

    I was never contacted, and no one I know was.

    In the UK, you get contacted and given an appointment.   In Australia, it's up to the individual to book with their GP.   

    They haven't done much publicity about that, probably because they're already not keeping up with demand.  

    Currently it's only over-70's, immuno-compromised or front line workers.   They did say they might open it to over-50's in May.  

  13. 8 hours ago, Coxy7 said:

    Why are people waiting for Pfizer? Ah ok it’s the blood clots.

    Latest news - Pfizer and the others are causing the same blood clots, though it looks like it might be even rarer.  One of the experts said that Covid is a clotting disease, so it's not that surprising.  The sad thing is that the way they had designed the abandoned Queensland vaccine, it probably would've prevented that side effect.

  14. 11 hours ago, robins_jessica said:

    Thank you so much, everyone much appreciated.Really helpful information. ...it certainly sounds as though Darwin would give us a radical change and completely different experience which is kind of what we are aiming for. 

    It will be a completely different experience no matter where you choose.   People often think Australia is Britain with sunshine.   There are pockets of Perth which can feel like that, because they're full of British migrants - but the rest of Australlia is as foreign as France or Germany or Spain.  We just happen to speak English.  

    And if moving to most Australian cities are as foreign as the continent, then I'd say moving to Darwin reminds me most strongly of living in Africa (which I did for 3 years).  

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  15. On 20/04/2021 at 14:52, Wildflower said:

    I’m a UK trained nurse currently living and working in QLD and need to revalidate with the NMC within the next 2 weeks. Part of the revalidation process involves a reflective discussion that needs to be signed off by an NMC registered nurse. None of the nurses that I know or work with here are currently NMC registered so I’m stuck....if there are any NMC registered nurses out there who could help me with this I will be eternally grateful and will of course reciprocate the favour!  

    @Wildflower, if you write two more posts, you'll find you can send Coxy7 a private message