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  1. 11 hours ago, Maria18 said:


    Do you know what the job opportunities in VIC for Mental Health Nursing? Originally, our first choice was NSW or QLD to move to and work, but I have since found out that with NSW you need a minimum of 12 month work ex in Australia.

    Thank you for any info in advance ūüôā

    NSW is the state with the largest population, but Victoria comes a close second - and that population is packed into a smaller geographical area with more big towns.  So Victoria has more job opportunities than any of the remaining states.   Being the capital city, Melbourne has the most jobs - but on the other hand, competition for those jobs is also stiff.  And the commute to city hospitals from the outer beach suburbs will be an hour or more.

    Geelong is the next biggest city.  It's good for young families because it's more affordable than Melbourne but still has good schools and all the amenities of a big city - and unlike Melbourne, it has some good beaches near the city!   

    The hospitals which struggle to recruit staff are the ones in inland towns and cities, because Australians do love their coastal lifestyle.  Bendigo and Ballarat are two examples which are still close enough to the coast to visit on a weekend.  Or you can go all the way to the NSW border along the Murray River - Albury Wodonga for instance.  They won't give you the beach lifestyle, it's more of a "tree change", but you may find it easier to secure a role there initially. 

  2. When I say Australia is hot, I'm comparing it with the UK rather than other places in the world, because that's what most Brits are used to.  

    If you flipped Australia over, so it was in the Northern Hemisphere, most if would be in Africa  (see below).   

    Of course, the climate isn't the same as Africa because there are so many other variables, like rain and winds and the proximity of the sea, plus the earth's tilt. But it does show that no one should be coming to Australia expecting a climate that is remotely like anything in Europe, even in their summer holiday spots in Spain or Cyprus. 

    You'll notice that with a couple of exceptions, most of the comparisons on the map are not in Europe.


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