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    Sudden pull to move back to UK after 8 years in Aus

    So would I, but I don't classify that as "ping ponging". Ping ponging is when you try a new country, don't like it, move back to your homeland, then decide "Oh, it wasn't that bad after all" and migrate again. I, too, am surprised some people can afford it.
  2. Marisawright

    What Book are you reading??

    Is Vera the same in the book as she is in the TV series? I've seen bits of the Vera series on TV and don't like it, because I find the character of Vera totally unbelievable. I simply can't believe the Vera in the TV series would ever have reached that rank - because there are politics in the police just like anywhere else. She'd need to have played the game of dressing smartly, doing her hair etc, at least in her early days - and it would have become a habit by the time she gets to the top.
  3. Marisawright

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    Depends which website or newspaper you read
  4. Marisawright

    Expat Mortgage

    You mean in terms of Australian capital gains? Just keep an eye on it, the years go by faster than you expect! But also I hope you've got a depreciation report to reduce your Australian tax on the income. Not easy to get in the UK I know, but well worth doing unless it's a very old property.
  5. Marisawright

    Expat Mortgage

    I hope you are across all the tax implications of owning an investment property in the UK as an Australian resident
  6. Marisawright

    Electrical Appliances

    Not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of each person having to work it out for themselves. I was pointing out that if you are shipping a Movecube or container, it could cost you absolutely nothing to squeeze in your small appliances, so why would you leave them behind? Whereas if you ship a Movecube and you have to choose between shipping your washing machine or shipping three boxes of other stuff, the washing machine is incurring a cost and you need to work that out. Ditto if you are thinking of a Movecube and then realise that means leaving behind your large appliances - before you jump in and upgrade to a shared container, do your sums, because you are incurring an extra shipping cost for them - are they going to be worth it? It goes without saying that you've got to price those appliances in Australia in order to make that decision.
  7. Marisawright

    Fast track Diploma

    @Hendricks, sorry I missed your reply. The skills assessment counts pre-qualification experience towards your points. However, pre-qualification experience does NOT count towards the "years of experience" specified in the visa requirements. Therefore, if your experience is pre-qualification, you will pass the skills assessment, but Immigration will reject your visa application. It trips people up all the time. So, you will need to gain your new qualification and then work for whatever period is specified in the visa requirements.
  8. Marisawright

    Info on points system and selection

    Very difficult to get a 186 direct entry visa as the process is so slow and few employers are willing to wait that long for an employee to start work
  9. Marisawright

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    I did say it's hard to judge, because I'm seeing different economists expressing different opinions. Also, while NZ may be going into a recession, it's far from the only one. Many other countries have exactly the same problem, many of them worse than New Zealand. And NZ is well placed now to recover, while countries that are struggling with second and third waves are not. The UK has the unenviable record of having the worst death rate and the worst economic hit combined, as I understand it.
  10. Marisawright

    Paying voluntary NIC to obtain a UK pension

    What a confusing form! I don't want to pay ongoing voluntary contributions, I only want to pay the shortfall - so I assume I tick "no" for "I wish to apply for voluntary contributions" and just tick yes to number 7? Seems so pointless to fill in all the other information which isn't relevant.
  11. Marisawright

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    It's so hard to judge at the moment, but some commentators are saying the NZ economy is already doing better than many of the economies that have gone for suppression. If they can develop a travel bubble with most (or ultimately, all) of Australia and the Pacific Islands, that will make it even better. I would be surprised if, after such success, they would contemplate opening their borders to anyone else before there's a vaccine - at least, not without strict quarantine measures in place.
  12. Marisawright

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    @sid17, that's a good point. Australian pensioners get cheap prescriptions, but your parents wouldn't be eligible for that on a bridging visa. No free bus pass either! Opticians/dentists/hearing aids would be at full cost. It would be worth looking at what their annual requirements are for those things and adding them up. Bottom line - the desire to be with family is understandable but you all need to appreciate the substantial extra costs involved - and also, the decline in their income over time due to the frozen pension. Unless your parents are wealthy, you'll need to factor in the probability that you'll need to contribute some support as time goes on.
  13. Marisawright

    One way travel insurance from UK

    But the point is, the OP is asking about whether they should extend their travel insurance for a few weeks after arrival. Travel insurance would not cover elective procedures either. So they will be no worse off relying on reciprocal cover for that period of time, which is all they are asking about.
  14. Marisawright

    One way travel insurance from UK

    But temporary Medicare will cover you for all emergencies or sudden illnesses, no problem.
  15. Marisawright

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    It's not just that, you also have to consider that your parents then cease to be residents of the UK (so they lose access to the NHS or any other benefits should they wish to return) - but they're not entitled to any benefits or support in Australia either, apart from reciprocal Medicare. Also if they are getting the British pension, it will be frozen from the date they leave the UK. If they wish to buy a property, they will have to seek FIRB permission and pay a sum equivalent to about three times the normal stamp duty. You also have to consider that when the visa is finally processed, they will need to pass a medical and if they fail it, they'll need to go back to the UK and start from scratch all over again.
  16. Marisawright

    One way travel insurance from UK

    You are covered by the reciprocal agreement with the NHS from the moment you step off the plane. Even UK residents here on holiday are covered. You wouldn't be covered for elective procedures but all you're really worried about in those first few weeks is ensuring you can get treatment if you fall ill - and that is definitely covered. You don't even need to apply for anything, just prove that you were a UK resident before you arrived. You may still wish to extend your travel insurance if you wish to be covered for repatriation to the UK. Also, be aware that dentistry and spectacles are not covered by Medicare.
  17. Marisawright

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    No, in fact it’s likely to get even longer. You are probably looking at 10 years
  18. Marisawright

    One way travel insurance from UK

    Check what travel insurance you get with your credit card
  19. Marisawright

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    It may well be cheaper but if you need to claim, you may regret it! If things will be in storage for some time, it’s better to get them to deliver it to a self storage place, as then you’ll be able to visit and take bits and pieces as you need then. More expensive but more practical
  20. Marisawright


    Are you sure it was a genuine request, it could be a scam
  21. Marisawright

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Yes, that's the point isn't it?
  22. Marisawright

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Of course they don't want all doctors and nurses. The authorities have decided they need some more doctors and nurses at Australia's hospitals in case the Covid epidemic gets out of control here. That's all.
  23. Marisawright

    Amazon Fire Stick 2020

    But does the international version work here?
  24. Marisawright

    Paying voluntary NIC to obtain a UK pension

    Yes that’s what I do
  25. Marisawright

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    You need to consult a good migration agent for advice, because this sounds very bad for you. The visa was refused because there is not a genuine need for the position. That means, Immigration thinks the employer does not really need you. The employer is refusing to employ you. Immigration will say, that proves he does not really need you. If he needed you, he would employ you. So I think your appeal will fail. But I am not an expert and you need to consult an agent about it.