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    Living in or around Kinross

    I wouldn't say it would be quite "enduring the nightmare", but I would be bored to tears fairly quickly. A nice place by the beach with a good pub nearby are great when you've been working hard all week and just want to relax on the weekend, but even on holiday, it's not enough for me. I do like a walk along the foreshore but you can't do that all the time. I know that a lot of Brits would think it was paradise though.
  2. Marisawright

    Australian Citizenship and US green card

    It’s a good idea to check though. The UK allows you to be a dual citizen but a lot of countries do not. I’m not sure about the U S
  3. Marisawright

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    The question is, what can that regulation do? Does it still need to operate within the definitions of the legislation or can it do anything it likes? I don't know the answer to that.
  4. Marisawright


    The gun lobby love to quote this and it's pathetic. It's true that if someone is intent on murder and a gun isn't available, they'll just find another weapon. But that's not the issue. Guns enable a person to kill large numbers of people quickly. A lunatic or a terrorist armed with a knife might kill half a dozen people before he's subdued. The same terrorist with a machine gun can kill dozens in the same timeframe. You only have to look at the history of massacres in the US to see the truth in that. The gun lobby tries to fudge the figures by including massacres within families - but take those out of the picture, and it's a very very clear picture.
  5. Marisawright

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    I think it will all depend on what is in the legislation. Parents are not classed as "immediate family" and there is no way the government will agree to change that definition. If they did, then parents would be eligible to be included as part of the family when someone applies for a skilled visa, and that would cost the taxpayer an absolute fortune.
  6. Marisawright

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    @KirstyMc, another thing I'd recommend: do your own research into future long-term employment trends in Australia. Your agent will tell you what visas you can get based on today's occupation list. That's useless, because what matters to you is, "What occupations will be on the list in 5 years' time?" Occupations are removed from the list every year, so 5 years is a long time. Sadly, it's very common for people to take a student or employer-sponsored visa, with a plan to get PR at the end - only to find, when they're finally eligible to apply, that (a) the criteria have changed or (b) their occupation has been removed entirely. The bottom line is that, even if you do thorough research, you are taking a gamble - and considering the money and time involved, it's a very big gamble.
  7. Marisawright

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    One of the annoying things is that you probably won't get a definitive answer until you actually apply, because every case is different - but you can only ask, I guess. It sounds like your only option is the university degree anyway, if you want to continue in that occupation. Whether you have to do the full 4 years or you're able to get credit for some modules won't make any real difference to your strategy.
  8. Marisawright

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    Your best bet would be to apply to one of the universities and see what they offer you. If you get recognition for the full year's study, you'll still have 3 years left of the university degree so that will take you up to the 4 years.
  9. Marisawright

    DASP application stuck

    I've heard other people whose DASP applications have taken a lot longer than that, even in normal times.
  10. Marisawright

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    Surely a university will give you credit for the diploma so you won’t have to do the full 4 years?
  11. Credit scores are not nearly as important in Australia as in the UK. Don’t worry about it. Just apply for the credit card and see what happens
  12. Marisawright

    Doctor looking for visa sponsorship

    Are you registered to practice in Australia? Employers can't judge whether you are qualified to practice here, so they will not consider you for a role until you are registered.
  13. Marisawright

    186 DE - 3 years relevant work experience meaning

    To be fair, there is only so much information a migration agent is going to hand over free of charge. Paul has linked to the information published by the government. Google and you'll find various interpretations written by migration agencies but they are not all up to date or correct. If you want to know his professional opinion based on his extensive experience, then it's only fair you pay for it, just as I'm sure you expect to get paid for your expertise. I don't believe 482's are being processed at the moment, except for priority occupations (i.e. medical) because temp visa holders aren't being allowed into the country.
  14. Marisawright

    Possibilities of PR after short term 482 Visa

    If the occupation is on the long-term list, then there will be a possibility of applying for a PR visa at the end, provided your employer is willing to sponsor you for permanency. If it's on the short term list, then there's no such option. Your only option would be to see if you can qualify to apply for PR in your own right, exactly as you would if you were still overseas.
  15. Marisawright

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    TAFE is a college, not a university. If the course is not accredited, it's useless for the purposes of PR. Which country are you from? If you're British, then studying in Australia is a very expensive idea. You'll pay a fortune in international student fees. You'll be allowed to work 20 hours a week, but try finding an employer who's willing to fit round your studies - chances are you'll get nothing like that. And at the end of 4 years, having earned very little and spent over $400,000 in fees, you still won't be able to get PR, because you need experience too (and only experience after your degree award counts). So you'll have to shell out for a graduate visa and hope you can get a job quickly, so you can gain enough experience during its validity to then apply for PR. Whereas if you stay in the UK and do a suitable degree (remember, it has to be a 4 year degree or equivalent), you'll have no work restrictions, you'll be charged domestic fees and you'll be eligible for student loans etc. You can then get some experience and then apply for PR from the UK. You're not disadvantaged by applying from overseas.
  16. Marisawright

    student need advise want to switch visa

    I am sorry you have had so much difficulty. The harsh truth is that it's not easy to get PR by coming to Australia on a student visa. Employers cannot sponsor you if you do not have full qualifications AND experience. It may be better to consider going back to your home country until you are feeling stronger, then reexamine your options with a good migration agent.
  17. Marisawright

    Living in or around Kinross

    Depends on your definition of fun, surely
  18. Marisawright


    That refers to other children. If you are the sponsor, it does not include you.
  19. Marisawright

    Parent Visa 143 Lodged June 2016

    Four years is pretty normal for someone who applied for a 143 in 2016. Poeple who apply today will be waiting 8 to 10 years. The Home Affairs website is telling fibs.
  20. Marisawright

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    It depends which temporary visa they're talking about. If it's an employer-sponsored one, then the probability of getting PR is pretty low (although employers naturally suggest otherwise!). The employer has to offer a permanent job, and they have to prove it's impossible to get an Aussie to fill it (something that will get harder with the rise in unemployment post-Covid). Also, the government is always tinkering with the rules, and people often find they're no longer eligible by the time they're able to apply for PR. Just take a look at the 186 thread to get an idea of the time it takes, the uncertainty, and the stress. However, I think it's probably a 491. That visa was designed to solve one of Australia's big problems - that migrants gravitate to the capital cities, not out in the regions where their skills are needed. . It's similar to being on probation for a job. You have to work in the nominated regional area for a minimum number of years, and reach a certain minimum salary. If you can do that, then you get PR at the end of the period. The idea is that you'll be so settled in your region by that time, you won't want to move to the big smoke. Once upon a time, I'd have said the 491 had a good level of certainty (provided you didn't fail the salary test). After all, the government wants you to stay. However, 491 holders have been treated very shabbily by the government during the pandemic, so I am now less confident that they should rely on government promises.
  21. Marisawright

    482 or 485

    If you're absolutely certain about that, then fine. You're lucky in that case, as most other occupations don't recognise any experience done as part of the course. It's something that catches a lot of people out, as the experience does count for things like licensing/registration but not for the visa.
  22. Marisawright

    482 or 485

    I wouldn't trust anything in that first link, frankly. Judging by all the grammatical errors, they can't even speak English properly! Very unprofessional. @Areyousure, I thought you had to have nursing experience to be eligible for a 482? Any experience gained before you qualified does NOT count for that visa. Do check that carefully, because it would be a shame to let the employer apply, and then get rejected be because you don't meet the criteria. On the face of it, the 485 is your next logical step.
  23. Marisawright

    Medicare TSS 482 condition and PR query

    The Medicare helpline agent couldn't understand your concern because it makes no sense whatsoever. It has no effect on your PR application.
  24. Marisawright

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    @Wanderer Returns, all fair points, except for one thing. The OP is coming to Australia on a temporary visa. So if they buy in Australia, they'll have to apply to FIRB for special permission to purchase (which incurs a fee of a few thousand dollars). Then they will pay a "foreign investor" surcharge on the purchase price (aorund $40,000 on a $500,000 property). Not to forget the normal stamp duty, mortgage and conveyancing costs - another $20,000+. All up, they'll be paying $60,000 to $70,000 on top of the purchase price, and then of course there's the cost of selling their UK property. Then of course, in the first few years of a mortgage, it's mostly interest that's paid off and very little principal. The final issue is that if it's a regional visa, they'll be outside the capital cities, and capital growth on houses there is much slower. Taking all that into account, if they fail to get a permanent visa and have to sell up and go home at the end of four years, there's a very good chance they'll make a loss on the investment, even allowing for the rent they would have paid in Australia. And in the meantime, who knows what the UK property market will have done.
  25. Marisawright

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Oops I had forgotten about being on a temp visa. Just goes to show how easy it is to get wrong and why you need a professional