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  1. bristolianpasty

    Finding the right agent

    I spoke to go Matilda yesterday an got someone getting back to me in a week... Fingers crossed!!
  2. bristolianpasty


    i googles a few quick practice tests, and they all came up with multiple choice questions. is that the same as the actual exam?? it was 'read this paragraph, answer these questions on it' so jus cross referencing it and fairly straight forward.....?
  3. bristolianpasty

    EOI?? Skill Assessment?!

    had a look online about starting the process, and all i could make out from it (other than going around in circles being overwhelmed with paragraphs of rubbish) is i would have to register an EOI?? i tried doing this via the skillselect website, but now its saying i can't register as i need to do a skill assessment...?!:mad: iv looked everywhere online about these assessments and cant find any info on them?!?! does anyone know how i go about it? and if it can be done from the UK? im an electrician looking to move to adelaide area.. thanks!
  4. bristolianpasty

    Finding the right agent

    So So Confusing!! Whenever i look online it seems to just send me in circles! i need a decent agent i can just throw my money at and say dont come back until its sorted! if only!!