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    Submitting my 309 this week!

    Hello there, I am british by birth but have recently completed my two years working holiday in Melbourne. During my time there I met my partner who is from Tasmania. We are looking to get a de facto visa for me as we can't spend anymore time apart. I have moved to New Zealand as it's the closest possible place. Sometime this week we're going to submit our almost complete application and I was just wondering from when I can get back into Australia? Because I've heard that you can live and work in aus whilst it's processing, but is there anything I need to be accepted for before that? thanks a lot Alex
  2. AlexDenvor

    Trying to gain permanent residency after working holiday

    Thankyou for the swift reply, will give that link a look over
  3. Hello there! I am a 21 year old British resident and I have just left Australia after having a two year working holiday visa. During that time I have met the love of my life and would really like to be able to live in Australia. I am now moving to New Zealand so we can stay together although still, ideally I would love to live in Australia. I would be happy to get married but i'm sure that's not even as straight forward as that. We have lots of proof of living together and I've met all her family and have photos etcetc. Just wondering what are my options? I've heard it's pretty expensive which ever way, but yes, just wondering if anyone has any experience or some advice for me? I understand that this topic will be very talked about, but I want a personal recommendation!! Thanks for your time, any help would be appreciated. Alex